LookingForOrg defeat Order at ESEA-P S38; qualify for ESL Pro League S15

One of the closest best-of-five finals in OCE CS history.

In one of the closest finals in Oceanic Counter-Strike history, LookingForOrg has downed Order 3-2 to claim victory in Season 38 of ESEA Premier.

Coming into the best-of-five with a map advantage, LFO were made to work for the 3-2 (1-0, 15-19, 16-19, 16-12, 16-13) win, which secured the premiership and the $3,000 USD winning prize.

But above all else, LookingForOrg have now directly qualified for ESL Pro League Season 15 — their first international event as a core since the Asia Minor for the StarLadder Berlin Major in 2019. 

It was the Jared “HaZR” O’Bree show (105-84, 82 ADR, 1.24 HLTV rating) in the final, with the 19-year-old rifler by far and away the best in the server, with his performance only solidifying his position at the top of the charts for the playoffs.

Order entered the grand final a map down and, for the first time, behind in the head-to-head match-up against the Avant-Dire Wolves-LookingForOrg core over the course of 2021.

But immediately Order flipped the script, with all five of the squad chiming in as they tied up the series on Vertigo 19-15.

Overpass, and a mirrored regulation — what was a 9-6 lead for Order on Vertigo was this time a three-round advantage to LFO.

However, Order fought back through Declan “vexite” Portelli (34-24, 91 ADR, 1.45 HLTV rating). An 8-2 opener in the second half, Order led 14-11 but couldn’t claim Overpass in regulation, with LFO forcing overtime.

Vexite stood up once again, and with Matthew “Valiance” Hartrick’s help, and Ricardo “Rickeh” Mulholland entrying on T side, Order snatched away the series lead 19-16.

A proven Ancient team, LFO were shocked by Order at IEM Fall 16-4, but with the final on the line the DreamHack OCE runner ups began strongly at 7-1.

Order found their way back into the half, but a lost pistol round, as well as eight bomb plants to LFO’s T side, ultimately kept Order’s CT economy low and LFO capitalised, taking Ancient 16-12.

LookingForOrg kept up the momentum in the decider, sprinting to a 9-6 half on T side. It looked all but done when LFO snatched the pistol, but Order built back a T half of their own.

They tied up the game at 13-13, but couldn’t hold onto a 2v3 as LookingForOrg bounced back from the round loss streak, then got the job done in the following three rounds to wrap up the series 16-13.

Order’s hopes of qualifying for ESL Pro League aren’t over though — should they win ESL ANZ Champs, they’ll receive an invite to the EPL Conference, joining Renegades.

From there, the top three will join LookingForOrg in the main group stage, with a chance for three Oceanic representatives at one of the biggest tournaments on the calendar — a remarkable achievement given the hardships the region has faced this year.

Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas "Taffy" Taifalos got his start publishing the escapades of some of Australia's pioneers in Counter-Strike and Dota overseas. Now, he turns his eye to events closer to home, from grassroots projects to the height of Oceanic competition and everything in-between. He still hopes for the day Dota makes a glorious return to the pinnacle of OCE esports.



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