Renegades defeat Paradox to claim Bucharest qualifier spot: PGL Major Antwerp — OCE Open Qualifiers

RNG will look to make back-to-back Major appearances when they compete at the PGL APAC RMR.

After two gruelling match days, it is Renegades who emerge victorious, claiming the Oceanic representative spot at the PGL Antwerp Major Asia RMR with a 2-0 victory over Paradox.

They’ll still need to win the PGL Asia RMR event to qualify to the Contender’s Stage, but RNG have given themselves the best chance possible after surviving the best-of-one open qualifiers.

Joshua “INS” Potter was the event standout, posting a 1.56 rating over 5 maps, with teammate Simon “Sico” Williams a stone’s throw back at 1.42.

Michael “chelleos” Hawkins (7 maps, 1.38 rating, +33 K/Diff) kept Paradox in the hunt, with the team upsetting Order 19-17 in the consolidation final.

But RNG prevailed, taking out the qualifier 2-0 (16-13, 16-6) to join Tyloo, Lynn Vision and Checkmate at April’s RMR event in Bucharest, Romania.

From there, the winning team will qualify for the big show in Belgium — the PGL Antwerp Major Contender’s Stage, starting early May.

PGL Antwerp APAC RMR — OCE Open Qualifier Schedule & Results

Teams were seeded into a single-elimination best-of-one bracket until eight teams remained.

The final eight played out a double-elimination best-of-one bracket, with the best-of-three grand final winning team progressing to the APAC RMR event in PGL’s Bucharest studio later in April.

Sunday, March 6 — The Final 8

Upper Bracket QFRenegades 16-5 FREE THE MANDEMHLTV
(Bo1)Paradox 16-14 OvertHLTV
Vertex 13-16 DGG EsportsHLTV
Upper Bracket SF (Bo1)Renegades 16-14 ParadoxHLTV
Order 16-12 DGG EsportsHLTV
Lower Bracket QF (Bo1)FREE THE MANDEM 5-16 OvertHLTV
Lower Bracket SF (Bo1)Overt 16-14 DGG EsportsHLTV
Vertex 8-16 ParadoxHLTV
Winner Bracket Final (Bo1)Renegades 16-8 OrderHLTV
Lower Bracket Final (Bo1)Paradox 16-4 OvertHLTV
Consolidation Final (Bo1)Paradox 19-17 OrderHLTV
Grand Final (Bo3)Renegades 2-0 ParadoxHLTV

Saturday, March 5 — Round of 32/16

Round of 32 (Bo1)Renegades 16-0 CS BeastMastersLobby
1stroundexit 16-10 PenthouseLobby
Paradox 16-2 LoreLobby
fat yutes 16-6 Dragon CaliberLobby
Overt 16-0 MagnusGLobby
Hysteria 16-6 Boobs LoverLobby
Order 16-1 SNIP GANGLobby
KINGSMEN 16-2 RedToothLobby
iNation 10-16 Tuvalu EmbassyLobby
Vertex W-FF KAZZALobby
DGG Esports W-FF eDreamLobby
8Ballers 16-7 Egg TeamLobby
Aristocrats 13-16 Dream TeamLobby
1620 Kings 16-2 VertigoatsLobby
Round of 16 (Bo1)1stroundexit 0-16 RenegadesLobby
JKS Fan Club 0-16 FREE THE MANDEMLobby
Paradox 16-6 fat yutesLobby
Overt 16-5 HysteriaLobby
Order 16-4 Dream TeamLobby
KINGSMEN 16-6 Tuvalu EmbassyLobby
Vertex 16-11 1620 KingsLobby
DGG Esports 16-6 8BallersLobby

OCE Open Qualifier — Day 1 Recap (March 5)

Results were as expected for day one of the PGL Antwerp APAC RMR OCE Open Qualifiers, with the top four favourites through to day two with ease.

Favourites Renegades swept past CS BeastMasters and 1stroundexit without dropping a single round, and will face FREE THE MANDEM in the quarter-final best-of-one tomorrow.

Order, Paradox and Vertex also recorded solid wins on the way to day two.

Rounding out the final eight was Overt, KINGSMEN and DGG Esports.

OCE Open Qualifier — Event Preview (March 4)

The open qualifier will see teams of all skill levels enter the single-elimination best-of-one bracket — and there won’t be any second chances.

The top eight to emerge from the gruelling Bo1’s will then enter the double-elimination final playoffs. For the team that emerges; a single spot at the PGL Antwerp APAC Regional Major Tournament (RMR), joining Tyloo, Lynn Vision and Checkmate.

It’s a long, tough road for our representatives to qualify for the Antwerp Major — and one already wrought with controversy.

PGL and Valve have opted to return to regional RMR’s (Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific), not dissimilar to the Regional Minors of old.

However, with APAC’s reach from the Middle East to Oceania and South Asia and everything between, and with only four teams permitted to compete at the APAC RMR, many pundits believe top squads from each sub-region will miss out given how competitive APAC is as a whole.

For Oceania, arguable favourites LookingForOrg had their hopes dashed already.

Unable to return to Australia due to their upcoming appearance at ESL Pro League this week, LFO opted to enter the Middle East Open Qualifier, going down to Chinese squad Lynn Vision in the lower bracket.

With many question marks over the composition of OCE’s top five heading into the event, and with only one spot up for grabs, expect some cutthroat Counter-Strike as the likes of Renegades, Vertex, Paradox and plenty more battle for the sub-region’s sole RMR slot.

PGL Antwerp APAC RMR — OCE Open Qualifier Rosters

The final eight teams’ rosters will be listed here following the conclusion of day one.

DGG Esportsversayourwombatgumpnexarzeph
FREE THE MANDEMfoggersnettikSWANKYGFalconnibke
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas "Taffy" Taifalos got his start publishing the escapades of some of Australia's pioneers in Counter-Strike and Dota overseas. Now, he turns his eye to events closer to home, from grassroots projects to the height of Oceanic competition and everything in-between. He still hopes for the day Dota makes a glorious return to the pinnacle of OCE esports.



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