IEM Cologne 2022: FaZe snatch back world’s best title with five-map final win over NaVi

IEM Cologne 2022 streams, schedule, results and more.

The Cathedral of Counter-Strike welcomes one and all once more to one of the greatest shows on Earth — IEM Cologne 2022. Twenty four enter, but only six will be deemed worthy enough to cross the stage at the mighty LANXESS Arena — will our Aussies (and Kiwis) at Order & MOUZ overcome the odds?

  • MOUZ go down swinging in first grand stage appearance
  • “Dream” grand final as FaZe down NaVi in five
  • Twistzz takes home grand final MVP

MOUZ left it all on the server.

In their first major offline appearance — at IEM Cologne no less — the embattled international roster pushed four-time Major champions Astralis to their limits.

Chris “Dexter” Nong and Jon “JDC” de Castro led MOUZ to a massive Mirage victory to open the series, but the Danes bounced back in a big way, ultimately walking away winners 2-1 (8-16, 16-9, 16-12).

On Nuke, despite huge highlights from Dexter and Ádám “torzsi” Torzsás, Astralis held off a fightback from MOUZ.

MOUZ pushed back in the decider on Ancient, but a 9-6 lead was quickly turned on it’s head by the Danish squad, with Astralis ultimately completing a 10-3 T half to secure a spot in the semi-finals.

While luck certainly played it’s part — what with MOUZ’s pistol round defuse coming down to a single server tick of difference — it was Astralis’ composure whilst down in the second half that got them the victory in front of the packed LANXESS Arena.

“I’m so proud of us, our first stage event together,” said MOUZ captain Dexter following their elimination.

“I’ll forever remember this. Sorry we couldn’t close it out but you, this crowd, made our lives.”

It would be Natus Vincere that downed Astralis in the semi-final.

The Ukrainian squad dominated the Danes on Nuke 16-8, before NaVi were all but consigned to needing three maps at 3-12 down on Mirage.

But led by Valeriy “b1t” Vakhovskiy, NaVi brought it all the way back to 15-15, and through a tense overtime, claimed the first spot in the Cologne grand final 19-17.

In what has been touted as a battle for the ages, FaZe Clan became their opponents after a 2-0 (16-12, 16-9) over Movistar Riders.

The Spanish squad defied all expectations but stopping a FaZe-NaVi grand final was going to be inevitable in Cologne.

And what a final it was.

Nothing could separate the two teams through the gruelling best-of-five final. FaZe and NaVi traded blows through the opening maps of the final, but when NaVi held off an eleven round comeback to take FaZe’s Ancient pick, it was thought to be over.

But not for the Antwerp champions.

FaZe bounced back on Mirage, and delivered fans a fifth map masterclass on Nuke, with the PGL Antwerp Champions capping off their season with yet another trophy.

They’re the first squad to achieve “the Triple Crown” — IEM Katowice, a Major and IEM Cologne all in one year, and enter the player break as the undisputed number one squad.

IEM Cologne 2022 Schedule & Results

IEM Cologne 2022 is a three-stage tournament.

The Play-In saw sixteen challengers go head-to-head in a double elimination bracket, where the top eight proceeded to the main group stage.

Eight awaited in the group stage, where the sixteen squads went through a second double-elimination stage. From each group, three teams emerged and booked their tickets to the LANXESS Arena.

IEM Cologne — Playoffs (July 15-18)

MatchTeamsTime (AEST)
– July 15 –
Round of 6Astralis 2-1 MOUZ11:30pm
Movistar Riders 2-1 Liquid3am
– July 16 –
Semi-FinalsNaVi 2-0 Astralis11:30pm
FaZe 2-0 Movistar Riders3am
– July 17 –
Grand FinalNatus Vincere 2-3 FaZe Clan11:55pm

IEM Cologne — Group Stage Day 1 (July 7)

MatchTeamsTime (AEST)
Group A Opening MatchG2 0-2 Movistar Riders8:30pm
NiP 2-0 Heroic
NaVi 2-1 MOUZ12am
ENCE 1-2 Vitality
Group B Opening MatchCloud9 2-0 Outsiders3:30am
Liquid 1-2 Spirit

IEM Cologne — Group Stage Day 2 (July 8)

MatchTeamsTime (AEST)
Group B Opening MatchFaZe 2-0 00Nation8:30pm
FURIA 0-2 Astralis
Group A EliminationMOUZ 2-0 Heroic12am
Group A QualifyingNiP 0-2 NaVi
Group B QualifyingMovistar Riders 2-1 Vitality3:30am
Group B EliminationG2 2-0 ENCE

IEM Cologne — Group Stage Day 3 (July 8)

MatchTeamsTime (AEST)
Group A EliminationNIP 2-1 G28:30pm
Group B EliminationOutsiders 0-2 FURIA
Liquid 2-1 00Nation12am
Group B QualifyingCloud9 0-2 Astralis
Spirit 0-2 FaZe3:30am
Group A EliminationMOUZ 2-0 Vitality

IEM Cologne — Group Stage Day 4 (July 9)

MatchTeamsTime (AEST)
Group B EliminationLiquid 2-0 Cloud98:30pm
FURIA 2-1 Spirit
Group A QualificationMOUZ 2-1 NIP12am
Group A SeedingNaVi 2-1 Movistar Riders
Group B QualificationLiquid 2-0 FURIA3:30am
Group B SeedingAstralis 0-2 FaZe

IEM Cologne — Play-In Stage Day 1 (July 5)

MatchTeamsTime (AEST)
Opening MatchesSpirit 16-11 Complexity7pm
MOUZ 19-16 paiN Gaming
Heroic 16-3 Sprout
Outsiders 16-6 Imperial8:15pm
BIG 16-7 Order
00Nation 16-6 Astralis
MIBR 13-16 Movistar Riders9:30pm
TYLOO 9-16 Vitality10:20pm
Upper Bracket QFHeroic 2-1 MOUZ10:45pm
Lower Bracket R1Sprout 2-1 paiN12am
Upper Bracket QFSpirit 2-1 00Nation
Upper Bracket QFBIG 0-2 Outsiders2:15am
Lower Bracket R1Complexity 0-2 Astralis3:45am
Upper Bracket QFMovistar Riders 2-0 Vitality

IEM Cologne — Play-In Stage Day 2 (July 6)

MatchTeamsTime (AEST)
Lower Bracket R1Order 1-2 Imperial8:30pm
Lower Bracket QFSprout 1-2 Vitality12am
BIG 1-2 Astralis
00Nation 2-0 Imperial3:30am

IEM Cologne 2022 Squads

Group Stage Qualifiers —
FaZe ClanrainbrokyTwistzzkarriganropz
Natus Vinceres1mpleelectroNicPerfectob1tsdy
G2 EsportsJACKZhuNter-NiKom0NESYAleksib
Ninjas in PyjamasREZPlopskihampuses3tagBrollan
FURIA EsportsyuuriharTKSCERATOdropsaffee
Team LiquidEliGENAFoSeenitr0YEKINDAR
Play-In —
Team VitalityapEXZywOomisutaaadupreehMagisk
Team SpiritchoppermagixxPatsis1renw0nderful
Movistar RidersmopozALEXDeathZzSunPayusdav1g
paiN GamingPKLbiguzerahardzaoNEKIZnython

PhotographyMaximilian Eck
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas "Taffy" Taifalos got his start publishing the escapades of some of Australia's pioneers in Counter-Strike and Dota overseas. Now, he turns his eye to events closer to home, from grassroots projects to the height of Oceanic competition and everything in-between. He still hopes for the day Dota makes a glorious return to the pinnacle of OCE esports.



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