Aladoric, Leemas reflect as Chiefs & Bliss face off one final time — LCO Split 2 Grand Final: Predictions

The Brisbane Brawl 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Although the PCS playoffs have been locked in, Team Bliss and The Chiefs will clash in the LCO one more time in the LCO Split 2 Grand Final. Once more, the championship title is on the line—and neither of our two contestants wants to go home empty-handed.

We’ve seen the two clash on so many occasions throughout the year. Every match of the first split drew the teams closer together before The Chiefs’ secured their back-to-back title at DreamHack earlier this year.

From the regular split going into playoffs, Bliss has kept up the fight, taking a flawless series from the boys in blue in their most recent series to secure the first grand final and PCS playoffs slot.

The Chiefs are looking to reignite their hold as the best of the region with their third LCO championship title in a row on the line—a team full of veterans backed with experience and titles of their own merit.

Team Bliss came into the league as a dark horse with a roster filled with rookie players and a dream. They now find themselves in another final with their league-long rivals, with the edge of a perfect series to back them.

Back and forth the teams have gone, but it all comes down to this. Their last championship contention ended with The Chiefs taking a 3-1 series—but Bliss didn’t make it easy.

Tonight, the final LCO battle in 2023 commences, with all eyes set on that trophy.

Status, Story, and Stakes – The Chiefs

Six-time Oceanic champions The Chiefs have solidified themselves as a pillar of the region for years, with numerous stints representing us at Worlds throughout the years. They’re ready to assert themselves once more.

After retiring from play following Worlds last year, support Ryan “Aladoric” Richardson decided he wasn’t quite done yet, rejoining the roster at the beginning of this year. “The season was pretty back and forth,” he admitted to Snowball Esports. “[We] had a strong start but feel like we had a bit of disconnect towards the ending of the regular split.”

Despite holding first for a majority of the regular split, they dropped matches against both PGG and Bliss, eventually losing the best-of-one tiebreaker to Bliss.

Even though their next series against Bliss met the same fate, they bounced back in their series against Mammoth in the lower bracket finals, qualifying for the PCS after a 3-0 of their own.

“The Mammoth series was a sweep but we had lots to take away and felt like the games could have been much cleaner,” Aladoric reflected. “[We] expect a much more competitive series on Sunday.”

Although they’ve already qualified for the PCS, Aladoric finds the LCO championship as meaningful as ever, keeping his eyes right in front of him. “Right now I’m not really thinking about PCS. I’m more focused on our match versus Bliss.

“I’m still very confident going into any playoffs, especially finals even though this time it won’t be on LAN and played online.”

Unfortunately, after The Chiefs experienced a trophy lift at back-to-back DreamHacks, all players will be remote for the finals. “They’re definitely a better team compared to last split, I think their bot lane especially has upgraded. Leemas has improved a lot so I’m looking forward to the matches.”

Despite the result of tonight’s series, Aladoric is excited about what lies ahead and is ready to take on the PCS after the LCO season has concluded.

“If we do manage to qualify [for Worlds], it’d be my third one in a row. I think I’d be one of only a handful of players to achieve going to Worlds three years in a row and that’s a pretty good feeling. I don’t think it can get much better than that.”

Beginning, Blossoming, and Blooming – Team Bliss

Brand new to the title at the beginning of the year, most placed Bliss in their power rankings somewhere in the mid-tier, relatively unassuming compared to some of the more seasoned rosters in the tournament. Yet, for the second split in a row, they find themselves at the precipice of the championship title once again—one series away.

One of the players on the roster of blossoming talent is Samil “leemas” Kip, who as Aladoric mentioned earlier, has been a menace in the bot lane. “I feel pretty good [about my season],” Leemas told Snowball Esports. “We’ve made progress as a team and worked on our problems gradually, and it’s showing in our results.”

Throughout the regular split, Bliss showed their mortality twice: once against Mammoth, and the other against The Chiefs. In the playoffs, they’ve had a perfect run ever since their first-place tiebreaker.

“It feels like with every split I play I improve more, especially when I compare myself to Raes for example. I remember last year when I played against him, it always felt like there was a massive gap in skill and experience between him and I. Now, it feels like I’m able to go toe-to-toe with him and even beat him at some points.”

Most buckled into last week’s best-of-five expecting a close series, only to witness a dominating Team Bliss performance.

“I definitely think we have the upper hand,” leemas said matter-of-factly. “Playing against The Chiefs, it felt like we were on a different level to them–playing the game and then watching it afterward as well, I had the same sort of feeling. I don’t think it’s going to be as easy this time around.

“I like playing against The Chiefs. I could play against them over and over again. I don’t mind. When it comes to the upcoming matchup, I think The Chiefs are going to revamp the draft and once they do that, they’ll come into the game on equal footing and it’ll be a lot harder for us to execute.”

Beyond the series, Leemas is grateful for everyone who supported the team to enable such a successful debut.

“[I’m thankful for] everyone—both my team and those behind the scenes at Bliss work tirelessly to help us succeed off the Rift. We can definitely feel the love from all the fans, family, and friends that watch our matches.”

LCO Split 2 Playoffs Grand Finals: Predictions

Harry: Team Bliss 3-2

The defending champs, the Chiefs, come into the final on the backfoot. Having been smoked 3-0 in the upper bracket final by Team Bliss, the six-time champions will have to lift if they want to make it seven by the end of Sunday.

But Team Bliss come into this series with all the momentum. This should be a close game. Bragging rights are on the line and the fight will be tight. I see Bliss taking it, but the series will be pushed to all five games. The Chiefs will not make it easy to strip them of the title of kings of Oceania and Bliss will have to play at their absolute best to do it.

Nadette: Team Bliss 3-2

I could see it going either way–either team could be fuelled by their need for this championship and turn it into a one-sided affair, or it could be the closest banger of a series we’ve ever seen.

I predict Chiefs will come in with a refreshed view on the draft, but Bliss will be able to adapt and more importantly, overcome. I’m predicting a 3-2 series with Bliss in full bloom.

Callum: Team Bliss 3-1

In current form, Bliss finds themselves heavy favorites, that is, if one is to follow recent head-to-head meetings. With Bliss having claimed a 5-1 scoreline in the last three meetings, The Chiefs while appearing strong against the rest of the competition, have appeared out of sorts when facing their rivals, having emphatically dismantled Mammoth to secure their place in the final.

In defending their championship the Chiefs will have to return to form and play to the peak that is known possible. Anything less will see the LCO newcomers raising the title that narrowly avoided them the first time around.

The LCO Split 2 Grand Final is tonight. It all comes down to this.

Hopefully, we’ll see you at your favourite gaming bar at Fortress Sydney for the live finals, or maybe you’re enjoying the matches interstate or at home. Regardless of how you’ll be taking action, thanks for your support throughout the season!

Want a stroll down memory lane on how the split has shaped up so far? Take a look at our ultimate coverage hub for rosters, match results, and more.

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Bernadette Wong

One of the youngest contributors of the Snowball team, Bernadette "Nadette" Wong is a resident Lux ‘Support’ main with a recently ignited passion for esports, specifically in League of Legends.

Bernadette Wong
Bernadette Wong
One of the youngest contributors of the Snowball team, Bernadette "Nadette" Wong is a resident Lux ‘Support’ main with a recently ignited passion for esports, specifically in League of Legends.



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