LCO Split 1 2024: Team Bliss opens up lead at the front

Are we live? We're live?!

Wakey wakey, OCE—your premier League of Legends league is back! The LCO returns in January with new names, a huge prize pool, and a shot to take on PCS’ best on the road to MSI.

  • DW matches remain postponed
  • Bliss leap ahead, yet to drop a series
  • Super Week continues on Tuesday

It was one of the busiest off-seasons in recent memory which saw a huge shuffle in both personnel and organizations. Gone are the big names of old like Chiefs and Pentanet as new challengers in the form of ION Global and FURY enter the fray.

With plenty of action already (including another pre-season Competitive Ruling, we’re on a roll!) you won’t want to miss any of the action this season.

Some of our beloved teams waved goodbye to the LCO last year with VERTEX, Pentanet and The Chiefs bowing out during the offseason. In their stead Fury, Antic and ION Global Esports have joined the fray. Some familiar faces have made their long awaited return from international play, to create the most competitive season since the LCO’s debut.

Mammoth has taken a nostalgic approach to Week 1 of the LCO as they failed to field a roster. However, they’ve confirmed they’ll be in full swing come Week 2. 

The best-of-two fixtures make a return for Split 1 2024, with the first match of the year seeing newcomers Antic and Fury facing off, with another new Wolfpack coming on top. The Dire Wolves didn’t have the same luck, however, as Team Bliss’ super roster is in full force. The stakes feel different when comparing them to the LCO last year, with the competition closer than ever.

We’re covering everything LCO Split 1 2024; schedule, rosters, scores, and more.

LCO Split 1 2024 Streams

The LCO Split 1 2024 season is streamed live on Twitch. Missed the action? Check out the LCO’s official Twitch channel for updated VODs made available to watch following the conclusion of each matchday.

LCO Split 1 2024: Schedule and results

Once again we start with the round-robin stage for LCO Split 1 2024, which consists of a best-of-two round-robin stage. Each team will play each other once with points up for grabs should a team walk away with the 2-0; otherwise, points will be split.

Stage 2 will see the top six progress to the double-elimination playoff bracket, after which we’ll have our LCO Split 1 champs. The top two book their tickets to the PCS playoffs, where a potential spot at London’s Mid-Season Invitational awaits.

LCO Split 1 2024 Standings

RankingTeamPointsRecord (W/D/L)
1Team Bliss134-1-0
2Ground Zero Gaming103-1-1
3Antic Esports93-0-1
4ION Global Esports72-1-2
6Kanga Esports20-2-2
8Dire Wolves00-0-2

LCO Split 1 2024 Schedule & Results

Stage 1, Week 5

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, February 12Kanga 1-1 Mammoth5pm
Antic 0-2 Bliss7pm
Tuesday, February 13Fury vs. Ground Zero5pm
Kanga vs. Bliss7pm
Wednesday, February 14ION vs. Antic5pm
Mammoth vs. Dire Wolves7pm
TBDAntic vs. Dire WolvesTBD
TBDFury vs. Dire WolvesTBD
TBDKanga vs. Dire WolvesTBD

Stage 1, Week 6

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, February 19Kanga vs. Antic5pm
Fury vs. Bliss7pm
Tuesday, February 19Ground Zero vs. Dire Wolves5pm
ION vs. Mammoth7pm

Stage 1, Week 1

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, January 15ION 2-0 Fury5pm
Dire Wolves 0-2 Bliss7pm
Tuesday, January 16Kanga 0-2 Ground Zero5pm
Mammoth FF-W Antic

Stage 1, Week 2

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, January 22Mammoth 0-2 Bliss5pm
ION 2-0 Dire Wolves7pm
Tuesday, January 23Kanga 0-2 Fury5pm
Antic 2-0 Ground Zero7pm

Stage 1, Week 3

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, January 29ION 1-1 Kanga5pm
Mammoth 0-2 Fury7pm
Tuesday, January 30Ground Zero 1-1 Bliss5pm

Stage 1, Week 4

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, February 5Mammoth 0-2 Ground Zero7pm
Tuesday, February 6ION 0-2 Bliss5pm
Antic 2-0 Fury7pm
Wednesday, February 7ION 0-2 Ground Zero5pm

LCO Split 1 2024 Rosters

Antic EsportsSwip3rR9Godry0mak1ngDragku
Dire WolvesRiverLeeSAmfisKatsuriiChenxuan
FURY GlobalTomasinonox1ChirpHoopaToppy
Ground ZeroThienShernfireKiseeleemasBenvi
ION Global EsportsdoraemonforeignerZhovyNebulaHexflash
Kanga EsportsWoodonInvictisReufuryRealerKurak
Team BlissBioPantherWhynotHaeriVioletScxtt

Bernadette Wong

One of the youngest contributors of the Snowball team, Bernadette "Nadette" Wong is a resident Lux ‘Support’ main with a recently ignited passion for esports, specifically in League of Legends.

PhotographyDreamHack, ESL
Bernadette Wong
Bernadette Wong
One of the youngest contributors of the Snowball team, Bernadette "Nadette" Wong is a resident Lux ‘Support’ main with a recently ignited passion for esports, specifically in League of Legends.



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