Top 5: OPL Split 1, Week 10

Featuring Euan “Eatos” Reid, here’s Snowball’s OPL Top 5 for Week 10.

The Plays

  1. Thien in his debut OPL match goes big with Claire for the Chiefs.
  2. Praedyth gets himself a quadra kill to delay the game against AV.
  3. FBI outkites the incoming stampede and gets a double kill.
  4. Dream flashes forward and Order follow up for a clean fight.
  5. Triple kill? Nah, he’ll take a penta.

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ProducerJosh Swift
Josh Swift
Josh Swift
Owner of Go Next Media, Josh "Swifty" Swift is Snowball's Director of Creative & Production. He looks to build up passionate creators to bring the best content to esports in Oceania.



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