OPL Split 2, Week 7: Match Predictions

This week we see another chapter in the Oceanic Pro League’s El Clasico between the Chiefs and Legacy, a battle for the postseason positions between Order and the rising phoenix of Gravitas, and a desperate struggle to regain lost ladder advantage between the Dire Wolves and Avant Gaming.

Our prediction analysts Emma “ammeplays” Van Ber Brug, Bernadette “Nadette” Wong, and Harry “hispanicatd” Taylor break down the biggest matchups of the week as playoffs, and a potential ticket straight to the Melbourne Esports Open, loom.

Emma’s Feature Match of the Week: Legacy vs Chiefs Esports Club

Legacy vs Chiefs is another matchup of the veterans. They’ve been fighting over the Pro League’s top spot to get that precious split victory since 2014.

With such long-running history, this matchup is always one to watch. This year has been difficult for Legacy, and this split is especially tough as they’re sitting in 8th place, while the Chiefs are sitting in a comfortable 2nd. 

Legacy still has a chance at making the playoffs, but with that deadline ever approaching, it’s time for Legacy to push back with everything they have.

It’s getting to do or die time for Legacy if they want to have a chance at the gauntlet run. Chiefs also have a lot to fight for, as every win puts them closer to avoiding the gauntlet all together as they aim for the top spot that will take them to the grand finals.

Historically, this matchup has been going in the Chiefs favour, as they have taken the last 4 of 4 games in 2019 alone. 

The last time Legacy took a game off Chiefs was in the 2018 Split 2 playoffs best-of-three series. This shows the difference in their current levels of play, but Legacy has been hard at work developing their skills and will bring the fight to the Chiefs.

I believe that the Chiefs will take Legacy down this week. With the Chiefs roster being packed full of proven talent, they’re one of the stronger teams this split and their current 9-3 record shows that they have the skills to take it to the best of the teams.

Through their strong laning ability as well as the timing of their team fighting decisions, they are experienced and strong where it counts. These decisions will overcome Legacy, as they’re still trying to find their early game feet and be able to transition those leads into victories.

Legacy still has a fighting chance at making the gauntlet, but they have to take these victories off the top teams to do so. The story would be incredible, but even so, I think that the Chiefs will take this victory due to their experience overall.

Nadette’s Feature Match of the Week: Order vs Gravitas

The second last game of Saturday night sees Order and Gravitas’ second meeting, with the latter looking to snowball from last week’s success.

With both Melburnian teams towards the bottom of the pack, Order currently sits at equal fifth with the Dire Wolves, while Gravitas sits just beneath them in seventh – one win away from both teams.

I believe that Gravitas’ desire to make playoffs will continue to fuel them into this weekend, with a victory set up in their favour.

The Order boys saw victory against Avant last weekend and defeat to the Chiefs, while Gravitas showed themselves against Order’s fifth-place counterpart last weekend in the Dire Wolves, rounding off the weekend with a clean sweep against Legacy.

The last time the pair of Melburnian teams met, Order jungler Samuel “Spookz” Broadley and bot laner Ronan “Dream” Singler served up the team with their 3/1/11 Jarvan and 6/2/2 Caitlyn respectively.

For the time being, Order sits on the mark of where Gravitas want to be. Their ambition is to either meet or surpass them in the standings and be in a position where they can contest a spot in the playoffs.

In the past, they’ve proven that with strong mental, they’re able to contest the other middle of the pack teams in the OPL. With such an outstanding performance last weekend, I believe that their emotions will assist with their momentum continuing.

For the first time in a while, “Gravitas Glory” is within sight for the newcomer team.

Harry’s Feature Match of the Week: Avant Gaming vs Dire Wolves

This Friday night we will see Avant gaming take on the Dire Wolves in a clash that may have a great effect on the gauntlet. Both teams find themselves coming into the match off their first 0-2 weeks of the split and will be looking for this victory so that they can put their split back on track.

These two teams last met in Week 3 in a close contest that saw both teams trade blows back and forth until mid laner Ari “Shok” Greene-Young, as well as the bot lane duo of Vincent “gunkrab” Lin and Ryan “Aladoric” Richardson, were able to string together a number of kills to ultimately siege their way to victory.

This game is critical to both teams. With both teams going 1-3 since the break, both Avant and Dire Wolves have seen themselves slip from the packs they had been chasing. Avant is now two games adrift from the Chiefs, and the Wolfpack has dipped two games behind the Bombers.

The top jungle matchup should be the one to watch in this contest. Several matches for these teams have been both won and lost through this part of the map, and so getting the lead will be critical for both teams.

Both Avant and Dire Wolves have brought in Korean junglers in Mir “Miru” Park and Ji Hwan “Raise” Oh. These star signings have already firmly brought their squads into their control and have been able to dictate the map through their play this split.

This will be a close hotly contested affair, but I see this going to Avant after a slog of a match.

Week 7 of the Oceanic Pro League begins this Friday at 4pm. Watch live on the new RiotGamesOCE Twitch channel, find more information and the full fixtures schedule at oce.lolesports.com.

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Isaac McIntyre

Isaac McIntyre is Snowball Esports' editor in chief and head of editorial, leading coverage on Oceanic & Asia-Pacific gaming talent at home and abroad.

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Isaac McIntyre
Isaac McIntyre
Isaac McIntyre is Snowball Esports' editor in chief and head of editorial, leading coverage on Oceanic & Asia-Pacific gaming talent at home and abroad.



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