Team of the Week: OPL Split 2, Week 9

Welcome to Snowball’s OPL Team of the Week!

Can you believe the split is approaching its end? The second last edition of Team of the Week is jam-packed full of star power even featuring a role swap!


Harry Kang – Gravitas

We’ll quickly cover Haeri’s performance in the mid lane this week before we mention his top lane performance that has landed him into this week’s spot.

Game 1 on the Sylas he had a solid performance, was behind a little bit into the enemy Azir, but for the most part was holding his own, Unfortunately for Gravitas, Mammoth was too strong and eventually Haeri started getting rolled through in teamfights.

Gravitas decided to change things up for their second game of the weekend and put Haeri in the top lane for a more favourable match-up. It paid off. It was a monstrous performance that will probably haunt Order fans for the rest of the off-season. Haeri ended up with ten kills in a 25-minute game and was a one-man wrecking ball.


Jeong Jin-woo – Bombers

A strong opening performance on the Gragas from the Korean jungler, Wilder was able to help the Bombers keep up with Avant’s early skirmishes, participating in 85 percent of the teams kills while also ensuring he was able to hold his lead by remaining deathless for the game.

Game 2 Wilder found himself on the Olaf, where he was steamrolling through his opponents. He was also effectively using his ultimate to get himself out of sticky situations to fall back and peel with the assistance of the Yuumi ult.

Wilder looked comfortable on the Olaf and was able to demonstrate his understanding of the limits of the champions, pressing forward and falling back at appropriate times. Bonus for the jungler too, he finished the weekend with an infinite KDA after not dying across the weekend.


Brandon Nguyen – Chiefs

Claire started his weekend on the Emperor of Shurima and his soldiers were laying the smackdown upon the Dire Wolves. Claire was cleaning house against the Dire Wolves, ending up 8/2/8 and participating in 75 percent of his teams kills.

His ultimates were instrumental in picking off opponents, and his presence around the map ensured he was able to be at the right place at the right time and clean up fights.

Against Avant, Claire was left marooned early in a three-man dive mid lane but outside of that looked strong for the rest of the game. Claire was given a few moments to show off his strength flexing in a straight one-vs-one against the enemy mid laner. Claire was also able to utilise the Corki’s sieging ability demolishing towers.


Quin Korebrits – Chiefs Esports Club

The perfect player was off to the races picking up three early kills and on a scaling champion like Sivir meant the Dire Wolves their work cut out for them. Unfortunately for Raes the Wolves were able to put up a bit of a fightback and found themselves picking off the AD carry three times, leaving him at 5/3/3 at 27 minutes.

However, Raes and his team were able to put the wheels back on the track, squashing the Dire Wolves attempted comeback and cleaning house. The Chiefs bot laner finished 9/3/7 with a six hundred and fifty gold bounty to his name.

A botched dive early from Rae’s in his second game wasn’t enough to keep him down as he went to work on growing a sizeable CS lead and plate advantage. A quieter game than usual from Raes meant he had to play patiently and wait for his time to strike knowing that he would eventually hit his late-game Tristana spike. Patiently he waited, involved in only one kill at 35 minutes is able to clean up a fight in his own base and flip the game on its head.


Jake Sharwood – Bombers

It was an uphill battle early in game one for the feline support, however after Rogue was able to help navigate his AD carry through a difficult laning phase the cat had a massive impact across the map, frequently teaming up with Wilder on his Gragas. Rogue’s influence was shown as he was involved in 92 percent of his teams kills, landing crucial ultimates to ensure the bombers had their fights under control.

Back to back games on the Yuumi, and Rogue looked like he picked up back from where he started, Rogue this game seemed to land every Yuumi ult and catch Legacy off-guard every time. The synergy that Rogue has built with Wilder when using Yuumi was on display this weekend and was a joy to watch, a pivotal reason behind both the Bombers wins.

That’s a wrap on this edition on Team of the Week, with only one left for the year! We’re headed to the Melbourne Esports Open where the Oceanic Pro League final will be held. Are you?

Andrew Wray

One of Snowball's founders, Andrew "Wray Z" Wray is a sports fanatic. Formerly of Riot Games, Andrew has extensive experience when it comes to the OPL, but you'll find him across most games in Oceanic esports.

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Andrew Wray
Andrew Wray
One of Snowball's founders, Andrew "Wray Z" Wray is a sports fanatic. Formerly of Riot Games, Andrew has extensive experience when it comes to the OPL, but you'll find him across most games in Oceanic esports.



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