Sliding Doors: OPL 2020 Split 1, Week 5

Welcome back to Sliding Doors, where each week we run through the OPL teams with sometimes spicy, sometimes nice if/then takes, and every now and then an additional bonus one around a special topic.

You might be familiar with this concept if you’re an AFL fan, which is where we got the idea. So without further ado, here are your sliding doors for OPL Split 1, Week 5

You told Avant in the preseason they’d have a similar W/L record to Pentanet,

I reckon they’d be pretty happy about that, they’re still in the hunt for play-offs.

You had doubts about whether The Chiefs could win this split,

the win over Legacy has cemented their contention. Croc is the new BalKhan and he’s here to 1v9.

The Dire Wolves are the third best team in the league,

nostalgic OPL fans will be feeling overwhelmed as they hark back to the earliest splits of the league.

You’re wondering just how difficult it is to break into the OPL,

after their milestone 50th game last weekend Gravitas have chalked up just 19 wins.

You’re going to say you don’t think a team is 7-0 worthy after you lose to them in the OPL Classico,

you look quite foolish when they’re now 8-0.

You’re still searching for a win,

coming up against 7th place this week will be your best chance.

You’re going 1-1 every week,

there’s going to be some questions on the impact of playing two games on the same day. How are those days off going?

You’re thinking about making progress at splits end,

this is a good week to try and get some breathing room against 6th placed Avant.

That’s all we have for this week! We’ll be back every Friday with a new Sliding Doors for the OPL.

The Oceanic Pro League returns today.

ProducerJosh Swift
Andrew Wray
Andrew Wray
One of Snowball's founders, Andrew "Wray Z" Wray is a sports fanatic. Formerly of Riot Games, Andrew has extensive experience when it comes to the OPL, but you'll find him across most games in Oceanic esports.



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