Six Masters 2020 Predictions: Week 2

After a week of surprises, we could be set for a couple more in Week 2 of Six Masters 2020. 

If you went into Week 1 predicting a LFO draw ⁠— like our leading tipster Jess did ⁠— then hats off to you. The first few games of Six Masters 2020 provided us with plenty of excitement, and a few results that threw a spanner in the works.

There’s the possibility for the same to happen again in Week 2. With teams like LFO and Wildcard firing on all cylinders, and the best of SiNister and TBD still to come, there’s a few bouts you should keep your eyes on.

Snowball’s Six Masters 2020 panel:

While this piece will be an overview of our general predictions for the week, we will also have our own tips running alongside these. Be sure to check out Snowball Esports’ Twitter tomorrow for the full rundown.


Prediction: 1-1 Draw

Last week, if you asked almost anyone on our panel to tip this game, they would have said a landslide TBD victory. However, the tables have been turned. LFO has come out all guns blazing, taking a map off top-seeded Elevate, and are looking like a force to be reckoned with.

They are facing off against TBD, who knocked off Kanga in Week 1. Their win couldn’t be classified as convincing by their lofty standards though, with the last-placed Pro league team taking TBD to overtime on Kafe after a blazing hot start.

“We will ensure that taking a map off the top team isn’t going to be a fluke and you can expect us to absolutely push for a win.”

Enigma, LFO

If LFO can pull out a performance like they did last week against Elevate, then TBD should be concerned. The spotlight has now been shone on the Open Qualifier team, and teams who might have taken them lightly before will certainly not. 

The jury is split down the middle for this one. However, one thing is for sure ⁠— don’t miss this match of the week.

SiNister vs. Pittsburgh Knights

Prediction: Split between SiNister 2-0 & 1-1 draw

Pittsburgh and SiNister both made some late changes ahead of Week 1 of Six Masters. With Riley “Stigs” Mills shipped off to Fnatic as a sixth man and Brandan “Derpeh” Carr stepping in for Loona, one team seemingly fared a lot better with the changes than the other.

Knights, with Arlo in Stigs’ place, looked like the same team they were in Pro League. While the wheels did come off in the later stages of Clubhouse, they put up a good performance against Ferox all in all.

SiNister, on the other hand, didn’t manage to carry their Pro League momentum into their game against Wildcard. It’s a difficult matchup right off the bat, however they still struggled in matching Wildcard’s aggressive play.

However, don’t expect SiNister to stay down for long. With Derpeh starting to ease his way onto this roster, their firepower and experience rivals the likes of Wildcard. The panel has predicted that they’ll at least take one map away, if not the chocolates.

Elevate vs. Kanga

Prediction: Elevate 2-0

This is a bit of a mismatch. Once again, Elevate find themselves in a match they should win 2-0. However, we said that last week, and look what happened. 

Up against Kanga, there’s a bit more confidence in having a 2-0 prediction though. LFO were an unknown quantity, and certainly proved their worth with their performance last week. Kanga left much to be desired.

Pushing Kafe to overtime was impressive given they didn’t get a single kill until four rounds in, but sluggish starts on both maps condemned them to a loss. 

There is a chance that Kanga can surprise us all and walk away with at least a draw, but it’s unlikely. Elevate look a cut above, and should walk away with the win barring a total collapse on their part.

Ferox vs. Wildcard

Prediction: Wildcard 2-0

We might have forgotten it at the end of Pro League, but Wildcard reminded us that they went to the Six Invitational for good reason. The squad looks completely revitalized now that Gio and Pat have built more synergy, and now they’re comfortably making successful hero plays.

This should have Ferox quaking in their boots. Their draw against Knights was admirable, but Wildcard is a whole new beast. 

That doesn’t mean there’s no hope for Ferox. Todd looked like winding back the clock a bit on his debut for the squad, while Deptra was electrifying at times.

If Wildcard can carry their form from Week 1, then they should walk away with the victory. However, that doesn’t mean the fight is over before it starts. Ferox has a chance at clawing out a draw, but as a Wildcard clean sweep from the panel indicates, it’s only a slim chance.

Six Masters Week 2 action kicks off on Tuesday, May 5, at 7pm AEST with LFO vs TBD. You can catch the action on the official Rainbow Six channel.

Be sure to follow Snowball Esports on Twitter for all your Six Masters content throughout the season, including tips, analysis, and interviews.

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