Wildcard keep win streak alive, SiNister bounce back in Six Masters Week 2

Wildcard is now the only team in Six Masters 2020 with a perfect record, but there’s plenty of teams on their tail, with SiNister making a resurgence after a disappointing Week 1 to break into the top four.

The Six Masters is heating up, and the race to the top is getting more congested. TBD stumbled from the top of the table after failing to clutch out a 15-round nail biter against LFO on Kafe. 

The biggest rise of them all was SiNister. They had their hot streak broken against Wildcard last week, failing to pick up any points in the team’s first top flight outing with Brandon “Derpeh” Carr.

Up against his former teammates, Derpeh looked a few yards off pace. He finished with the lowest KD in the server, and was generally outclassed on his return to the top flight.

“Last week I really wasn’t at my best,” Derpeh admitted to Snowball Esports. “I was definitely nervous playing against my old team. It was completely unlike me, but you’re only human. I was just focused on getting back to my old self and getting more into the zone before the match.”

However, after the trial by fire, Derpeh looked like a completely different force against the Pittsburgh Knights. He led SiNister’s resurgence on Tuesday night, managing to secure a 2-0 and claw back into the top four.

While the team were moving more in sync with each other, Derpeh himself stood up with some strong individual performances. His 15th round retake on Clubhouse was stellar, turning the 1v2 on its head with a perfect Stim onto “Nikoh” to bring it back and secure the map. However, the clutch moment was too close for comfort.

“I feel like we were not up to par with our coordination on our Clubhouse attacks,” he said. “We’re still trying to iron out our mistakes. I didn’t believe it was going to be an 8-7 overtime map though ⁠— I thought we’d comfortably take it before OT.”

There was a huge difference between Clubhouse and Coastline though. SiNister mowed through their opposition to claim the map 7-2 in a dominant performance that gave flashbacks to the team’s final run in Pro League Season 11.

Derpeh’s addition to the squad is only going to keep this streak going. With his international experience on the Wildcard roster, he’s been able to share a wealth of knowledge with his teammates.

“I’ve definitely been more vocal in SiNister in comparison to my previous teams,” he said. “I think just resetting myself mentally was key to this. The experience [at Six Invitational] 100% helps as I can call things on the fly if need be.

“Once I came back [from Montreal], I took a hiatus from Siege to mentally reset myself. However, during our boot camp in Canada, I learned a lot with all the teams that I practiced against. I’ve taken that knowledge onboard, and it helps out with shot-calling mid round for SiNister and just general adaptations to counter the other team mid-round.”

Brandon “Derpeh” Carr

They’re setting their goals high, with a first placed finish still on the cards. However, Derpeh knows that SiNister still have a long way to climb.

“My expectation is 100% making top 4 to qualify for the knockouts,” he said. “I believe for us to finish first we’ll have to really work on ironing out little mistakes that are hindering us to really compete.”

In this week’s other results, TBD and LFO traded maps to take home three points each, while Elevate took down Kanga convincingly. 

Wildcard, led by an on-fire Ethan “Ethan” Picard, managed to squeeze out a 2-0 against Ferox. The entry player picked up 39 kills for himself, including 23 on Consulate to set a new Six Masters record.

Six Masters 2020 will return for Week 3 on May 12 at 7pm AEST when Pittsburgh Knights take on Kanga Esports.

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Andrew Amos
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