Pittsburgh Knights charge up Six Masters ladder with Kanga sweep

Only two wins separate first place from sixth after Six Masters Week 3, with Pittsburgh Knights demolishing Kanga while leaders Wildcard dropped their first map to LFO.

After a rough start to Six Masters, the Knights have found their footing with a convincing sweep of cellar dwellers Kanga. Coming into the match as heavy favourites, the Knights proved their worth, smashing Kanga 7-2, 7-2 in their Tuesday clash.

“It was a really good feeling given that we haven’t been able to keep the momentum going from the first map into the second our past two games,” new recruit Scott “Arlo” Davies told Snowball Esports. “I’m proud of the boys for keeping level headed and taking it round by round.”

Arlo was previously a part of the Knights roster, before parting ways in February to make way for Joe “JoeyG” Lanciana. However, with the departure of Riley “Stigs” Mills to Fnatic, he was brought back on with some big shoes to fill.

He’s lived up to the name of his predecessor though. Arlo has consistently been a top fragger for the Knights, racking up kills on the likes of Zofia over the last three weeks. It helped that he was formerly a part of the then-Homeless roster, although the change of roles was rough.

“Losing Stigs was a big change for everyone and it has taken some adjusting to get used to the new roles,” he admitted. “I think that the team is finding a groove and I think that showed in our games against Kanga.”

While Kanga have been the punching bag of Six Masters so far, that shouldn’t discount the Knights’ dominant performance. On both Kafe and Club House, they looked one step ahead. They constantly outclassed them in gunfights, and any time Kanga looked like building momentum, the Knights stunted it.

It’d be easy to dismiss such a result heading into next week’s tougher outing against LFO, but for Arlo, getting the sweep was definitely a confidence booster.

“The win against Kanga definitely has given us a huge drive to continue our positive results in the coming games and we will be working hard as our game against LFO looms,” he said.

However, there is still a long way to go to break into the top four and make it to playoffs. With Elevate, Okami, and Wildcard all still on the horizon, the strength of schedule isn’t on their side. The Knights are confident though they can ride the wave they built off of Kanga to surprise everyone.

“The team is going to take a lot of time watching vods and looking at teams’ weaknesses and being able to exploit them as well as looking at ourselves and being able to stay unpredictable,” Arlo stated. 

“The most important thing it’s going to take is the ability to be consistent in our gameplay and teamwork.”

Scott “Arlo” Davies

In this week’s other results, Wildcard were brought to their knees by LFO, who once again stunned the scene with yet another draw against a top-tier team. Hills and Mimz were once again the standouts for the Open Qualifier team, who sits on the cusp of the top four after three weeks of play.

Okami and Ferox split the points in their matchup, playing 29 rounds out of a possible 30 in back-to-back thrillers on Clubhouse and Coastline. Elevate and SiNister also drew, leaving the middle of the table as congested as ever.

Only two wins separates Wildcard in first from LFO in sixth, and the Knights’ matchup next week against them may well determine which team is vying for that fourth seed heading into playoffs.

Six Masters 2020 will return for Week 4 on May 19 when Elevate takes on Ferox at 7pm AEST.

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