MeomaikA returns to the winners step in the Starcraft II ESL Weekly Cup

With no Australian players in the final, it was a South East Asian showdown to decide who would walk away with this week’s ESL Weekly.

Vietnamese Zerg player Tran “MeomaikA” Hong Phuc won his second ESL Weekly Starcraft 2 tournament on Tuesday night, beating Indian player Demi 3-1 in the first ever final to be contested without an Australian participant.

In an all Zerg final the action was thick and fast, with the four game final providing constant action and aggression.

With mind games prevalent throughout the series, game one saw some massive Zergling losses eventuate into a victory for Demi. While game two saw a massive, aggressive Zergling flood by both sides, with one incorrectly positioned queen giving the game to MeomaikA.

With the series tied at 1-1, a big roach push off two bases caught Demi trying to tech into mutalisks too hastily. MeomaikA then wrapped up the series on the defence, holding strong against a massive zergling / baneling attack by Demi.

Speaking afterwards, the currently teamless MeomaikA said he really enjoyed the win but isn’t getting ahead of himself with the first Dreamhack event fast approaching.

“I enjoy my victories very much in recent days, especially this one,” he said.

“I must admit, I [had] a very lucky bracket with all my “counter players” Terran patch in the bottom bracket.”

The final also had an extra layer of spice sprinkled on, with MeomaikA sharing a screenshot over the previous weekend showing Demi messaging him after a game accusing him of hacking.

Despite the messages, which drew interest from the ANZ / SEA community, MeomaikA played down the incident, saying that Demi chose the wrong words.

“Demi just hates [my playstyle]. He doesn’t mean I cheat, he just can’t choose good hate words,” MeomaikA said.

Elsewhere in the bracket, MightyKiwi impressed again to reach the semi-finals, which meant the only Australian representative in the final four was Legacy player Probe, who fell 2-0 to Demi in what was the series of the night.

Last week’s winner Seither was eliminated early by Terran player Azure, while royal road winner HuT failed to sign up for this week’s tournament.

Yours truly again rode some bracket luck to reach the quarter finals once again, losing to eventual winner MeomaikA.

The ESL SC2 Weekly Cup, fueled by Dare runs every Tuesday night, starting at 19:00 AEST and is open to players of any skill level in the OCE / SEA region.

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Saxon Durrant
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