Fishoguy: “It’s satisfying to place ahead of rivals we’ve struggled with [in Six Masters]”

SiNister are coming into the Six Masters playoffs on a hot streak.

Team SiNister started off Six Masters slow, but ended with a bang. A six-map win streak got them to second place, and while it was “satisfying” to finish that high, Morgan “Fishoguy” Ishizaka says the team is ready to go one step further.

SiNister have been a surprise package in Six Masters. Their previous results didn’t instill much hope for fans on face value, although they had always been able to remain somewhat competitive against most of the top tier teams.

They didn’t have any major accolades to their name though. While they won LPL Pro, it could be said that it was against lesser competition than their Pro League counterparts. In Pro League Season 11, they finished fifth, behind the likes of TBD (now Okami) and Wildcard.

Those were the same teams they were able to prove themselves against in Six Masters. While they didn’t take a map off Wildcard, it looked closer than their PL series against the Six Invitational attendees. Against Okami, they managed to take a map. 

SiNister’s overall goal in Six Masters was to carry through their form from the tailend of Pro League, as well as beat those rivals they’ve finished under time and time again before. With that now achieved, Fishoguy told Snowball Esports they’re looking to chase their first major title.

“We believed we’d continue our performance from the second half of the last PL season. While our main goal was to make playoffs, it’s a satisfying outcome to place ahead of rivals we’ve struggled with in the past,” he said.

Part of SiNister’s turnaround can be attributed to two players in particular ⁠— former Wildcard member Brandon “Derpeh” Carr, and supreme fragger Vincent “Vincere” Daniele. The former brought a wealth of experience to the squad, while the latter put in MVP-worthy performances week-after-week.

“Derpeh’s addition couldn’t have come at a better time, fitting perfectly into Loona’s in-game role while she has been unavailable to play Six Masters. His wealth of experience, game knowledge and leadership have also played a substantial role in our success as a team this season,” said Fisho.

“Vinnie loading into a lobby and deleting the enemy team off the face of the Earth might have had a small impact on our success. As one of the most mechanically skilled players in ANZ, and a consistent Fragger on any operator, it’s not a surprise that he’s popped off again this season,” he added.

While Fisho has been around the higher echelons of ANZ Siege for a couple of years, this SiNister roster is one of the strongest renditions he’s been a part of. The types of players on the team though have forced him to take up a more supportive role, which has been a change from the early days in his career.

“There’s been a bit of a shift of my roles in-game compared to past seasons. I’m not doing better individually, but I think I am providing more value to the team overall than in the past,” he admitted.

The team isn’t taking themselves too seriously though. They took some time off Siege to reset themselves mentally, gearing up for the challenges ahead of them in the Six Masters playoffs. They’re confident in continuing their uptick in form ⁠— although they are slightly tempering their expectations because of it.

“Currently the team environment is quite relaxed, we’ve all come back from a short break from Siege. We’re mainly focused on returning to form and making the most out of our remaining scrims and practice sessions together before playoffs.”

Taking a break doesn’t mean they’re washed up though. Fisho said that they haven’t even shown their “final form,” and they might even have a few “tricks up their sleeves” to keep their opponents on their toes. They might have hit their goals for Six Masters, but there’s still one thing left that’ll be the cherry on top: winning it all.

“For me, winning Six Masters would mean that I’ve finally accomplished something within the scene. For the team, it would mean celebrating the months of hard work and preparation together paying off.”

The Six Masters playoffs kick off on July 3.

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Andrew Amos
Andrew Amos
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