Six Masters 2020: Snowball’s Season MVP

Three players were in contention, but who took home the Six Masters MVP?

With the Six Masters playoffs underway, let’s take a look back at who shone for their team week-after-week to win the Snowball MVP award.

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you Siege is a team game. Supports will drone for their fraggers, and coordinated use of utility will win you more rounds than just mindless gunning.

However, there’s some players that seemingly stand head and shoulders above their peers. Today, lets celebrate those players, and look at ultimately who the Snowball Esports expert panel crowned as the MVP of the Season.

3rd ⁠— Arian “Mimz” Mimini (LFO)

Mimz took no time to make himself known on his competitive Siege debut. In his first major tournament, the LFO fragger took everyone by surprise when he led his team to a shock draw over Elevate in Week 1. It was enough for him to get named MVP for the week too.

While he joked about falling off after his stunning first week, he only powered forward. While the rest of the LFO roster looked shaky at times, Mimz was their solid core, dropping kills left, right, and center. If Mimz was gunning, LFO were winning.

This ultimately translated into the map of the season against Kanga in Week 7. He dropped 24 frags in 10 rounds ⁠— a Six Masters, and possibly international, record ⁠— as he heroically tried to complete the royal road. LFO did fall short at the final hurdle, but Mimz’ efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed, and we hope that we will see more of him in the future.

2nd ⁠— Vincent “Vincere” Daniele (SiNister)

If we could coin two MVPs for the season, then Vincere would be 100% deserving of the co-accolade with our victor. SiNister struggled to find their footing early in the season, however that didn’t really matter when Vincere was on point.

The entry fragger for SiNister was a big reason behind their late-season resurgence, and helped them cement a second place heading into playoffs. There was hardly a game where Vincere didn’t find himself on the top of the scoreboard.

If Vincere wasn’t performing at the level he was, one has to ask if SiNister’s season would have gone as well as it did. While they’re by far one of the region’s most competent rosters, Vincere’s ability to entry efficiently, and get picks on defensive roams, has cemented SiNister as a real threat to Wildcard’s throne.

1st ⁠— Ethan “Ethan” Picard (Wildcard)

There must be one winner though, and if it wasn’t going to be Vincere, then it has to be Ethan. The Wildcard fragger decimated the competition, dropping dozens of kills on every map to cement himself as the overall kill leader of Six Masters.

He held the kill record for most of the Six Masters season too, after dropping 23 kills against Ferox on a tightly-fought Consulate. It was performances like those that cemented Wildcard firmly on top of the table with their almost-immaculate 13-1 record.

While Siege isn’t all about frags, Ethan provided the firepower for Wildcard to get up at times where it looked like ANZ’s best were possibly lacking. 

When you have a player that you can constantly rely on to drop double digits every map, no matter the circumstances, it makes things a lot easier. Ethan was that player for Wildcard, and his MVP win should show that he went above and beyond to help boost his team to the top of the table.

Watch my full interview with Ethan on the Snowball Esports YouTube channel

The Six Masters 2020 playoffs are already underway, with the winner being crowned on July 5. You can catch all the action on the official Rainbow 6 channel.

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Andrew Amos
Andrew Amos
After joining Snowball in mid-2018, Andrew "Ducky" Amos has fast become one of our region's best esports writers. Cutting his teeth in Oceanic Overwatch, he now covers all kinds of esports for publications globally. However, his heart still lays at home, telling the story of Aussies trying to make it big.



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