META High School Esports Regional Finals: LOL, RL, NBA 2K20 Wrap Up

Regional glory was on the line in League of Legends, NBA 2K20, and Rocket League.

The Regional Finals got underway for the three leagues under the META HSE umbrella, with some teams coming out on top in their divisions and progressing to the Championship Rounds, kicking off on August 29.

The League of Legends tournament saw teams across the four regions battle it out in the regular season, which spanned just over two months of weekly matches. The top four teams in that division progressed to the regional playoffs, and the top two faced off in the regional finals in a best of five.

In the NSW/ACT division, it was a showdown between Canberra College and Kingsgrove North High School. The matches spanned four tense games, with Kingsgrove North High School coming out on top in a 3-1 record against Canberra College. 

The Victorian division had two powerhouses face off ⁠— Melbourne High School took on Reservoir High School. Another best of five was underway, with Melbourne HS taking the blue side in their first match. They ended up taking a dominant victory, with 13 kills over RHS in a 28 minute victory. Game 2 saw another victory for MHS, in a 40 minute back and forth game. 

Game 3 was just as close, but this time it was RHS who took out the victory in 29 minutes. The next game was MHS’ to win, as they took down RHS in 24 minutes in very dominant fashion, boasting 27 kills to the seven on RHS, and claiming the series 3-1.

The Rocket League competition was fierce, and the two divisions had some great matches. In the QLD/NSW/ACT division, Emmaus Catholic College and Canley Vale High School fought it out, and it was Canley Vale High School taking out the victory in a 4-0 match record.

In the Victorian division, Yarra Valley Grammar took on Overnewton Anglican Community College in their regional finals, and the final record was eerily similar to the previous week’s games in QLD/NSW/ACT. In the end, the team at Yarra Valley Grammar came out on top with a 4-0 win over their opponents.

NBA 2K20 was run for the first time this year, with one division across Australia and one in New Zealand. The Australian division had their regional finals, with Damascus College taking on Koonung Secondary School in Group 1. 

Damascus College were the team to emerge victorious, with a 141 to 86 point score, taking their spot in the Championship rounds against the other groups.

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Emma van der Brug
Emma van der Brug
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