Melbourne High School eyes off META prize after perfect regional run

Smart research into their opponent’s strengths is giving Melbourne High the upper edge in the META finals.

Melbourne High school had an almost flawless run through the META High School Esports league, earning themselves the coveted spot for a repeat chance at winning the overall prize.

Support Charles “Chat” Fan joined the Melbourne High League of Legends team after watching his school make the championship round in 2018.

After seeing the previous team contest for the title, he and his friends decided they could bring glory to their school. In 2019, they almost did just that by making it back to the championship round. Now, in 2020, they’re looking to finally claim a trophy for themselves.

They’re a formidable team, having a great run through the regular season and going into the regional finals looking like top dogs. They qualified for the championship rounds with a 3-1 victory over Reservoir High School, with all three of their wins looking extremely dominant. According to Chat, it all came down to their prior preparation and planning.

“We researched the champions that Reservoir played to figure out a strong pick/ban against them,” he told Snowball Esports. “We also play some flex queue to improve our team’s synergy.”

The regional finals were the highlight of Melbourne High’s META season so far. The convincing fashion of their victory over Reservoir High has given them even more confidence heading into the championship finals, even if they lost a game by “trolling a bit too much.”

In preparation for the final rounds, they’re continuing the strategies that have earned them such a strong position in the league. There’s not much room for grinding right now: the team also has to juggle their VCEs at the end of Year 12. However, they’re still feeling good about their ability to outwit their opponents on the day.

Melbourne High have managed to progress to the Semifinal against Kingsgrove North High School after taking down North Adelaide Senior High School. However, there still remains one final contender, 2019 champions Rangitoto College, and Chat and his team are hungry for revenge.

Beyond this year though, Chat is also looking into his future in Commerce, planning to go on and study at the University of Melbourne. His League journey might not stop there either, with Unigames and other competitions abound there.

The META League of Legends Championship Finals continue on September 5, with the winner of Saturday’s game facing off against Rangitoto in the final. 

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Emma van der Brug
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