BRO UmTi after beating DWG: “I got very excited”

Fredit Brion pulled off the upset of LCK 2021 so far by taking down Worlds 2020 champions DAMWON KIA.

It was a mismatch on the level of David vs Goliath. But if you turned the nameplates off on Fredit Brion vs DAMWON, you would have thought Heo “ShowMaker” Su and co were running all other Brion. However, it was the opposite that was true.

A team dead last on the LCK standings without a single game win, fielding three LCK rookies and two seemingly washed up veterans. Versus the current reigning World Champions. 

Fredit Brion vs DAMWON, by all accounts, should have been a whitewash. But as what always happens with a David vs Goliath battle, you cannot take your eyes off the price, and that’s seemingly what DAMWON did.

They were decimated by a renewed Brion 2-0 in LCK 2021 Spring ⁠— a win which elevated the young squad off the bottom of the ladder. It came so against the grain, but it was a win they worked hard to get.

It was mostly due to the amazing synergy between Eom “UmTi” Seong-hyeon and Kim “Lava” Tae-hoon. It’s not a mid-jungle duo you hear a lot about in the LCK, but they certainly showed Canyon and ShowMaker a thing or two. 

UmTi’s high priority pathing in midlane shut down DAMWON’s carry, and Canyon couldn’t answer it across the map.

Then, when it came down to the teamfights, DAMWON were just outclassed. Yoo “Delight” Hwan-joong showed no rookie nerves on his Alistar, engaging the right fights at the right time to truly set his team up for success. It was a masterclass, and DAMWON had no answers.

It was an unexpected victory for UmTi, who finished the series with a combined 12/2/14 on Graves.

“[We weren’t confident] at all because our performance was not on the best level and DWG KIA are one of the strongest teams,” he said in the post-game interview.

“We were talking about this with the coaching staff ⁠— let’s just leave no regrets in this game and give it our best shot. We got the best result possible, and I want to thank all the coaches.”

Lava himself styled in mid lane too. He kept ShowMaker under tower and out of action, even getting a smooth solo kill with Zoe against the World champion’s Syndra. It was a lot of pressure, only amplified by UmTi’s surprising pathing around the mid lane.

“UmTi sometimes brings a surprise jungle path in scrims, so we’re happy we were able to pull it off in a competitive game as well,” he said.

“This was the mid lane focused jungle path. I also wanted to target Canyon in the jungle, but I don’t want to go in too deep because it’s my secret,” UmTi added.

The win is a big one for UmTi and Lava. The LCK ‘rejects’ were discounted on Brion, who many had labeled the worst team in the league. However, they are standing up to critics with this performance, and are only looking to prove their worth on their big returns.

“I think me and Lava are in the same position. We haven’t been able to find our footing as a powerful player, but because we aren’t rookies anymore, not many teams want us. I think Lava still has great mechanics and this potential he can burst out,” UmTi said.

“One thing I remember is Hoya ⁠— he said let’s stay gentle ⁠— that’s very funny, but I got very excited. What’s the meaning of being gentle in the end if we just beat the World champion?”

With arguably the most important scalp down, they have to face off against Nongshim Redforce, who DAMWON beat in the KeSPA Cup just a few weeks ago. However, UmTi is going into that game with the same mindset ⁠— Brion have nothing to lose.

“I wish to push this momentum forward. I want to play as if we don’t have anything to lose, so I want to show the world what we can do.”

Fredit Brion play Nongshim Redforce on January 23 at 10pm AEDT.

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Andrew Amos
Andrew Amos
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