Sliding Doors: MSI 2021 Special

Welcome to a special edition of Sliding Doors for MSI 2021!

Extraordinary performances from the boys at Pentanet call for extraordinary content from Snowball Esports, hence why we’re pulling out the big guns.

You might be familiar with this concept if you’re an AFL fan, which is where we got the idea. So without further ado, here are your sliding doors for LCO Split 1, Week 4!

There is one player that deserves more respect,

Oceania’s very own Fudge has earned it. It’s time NA embraced Oceanic players as their own.

Damwon is able to take out MSI after winning Worlds 2020,

This organisation is approaching ‘dynasty’ territory. After all, they’d be the first team to complete a Grand Slam.

You were hoping for Europe to retain the MSI title for another year,

It’s looking like a pipe dream at the moment. MAD Lions are good, but not quite there yet.

You’re looking for a fairy tale for the ages,

What Pentanet has done could already be a Hollywood blockbuster. The best part? The run hasn’t even finished yet.

You’re a PSG fan,

You’ll be used to falling short on the international stage. Hopefully Talon’s MSI run is better than PSG’s Champions League one.

You flew to Iceland in a private jet while the rest of the teams came in cattle class,

Hopefully the prize money won offsets the parking at Reykjavik airport.

If you’d like to join us for MSI watch parties, join the Snowball Discord.

That’s all we have for this once off MSI special! Check back just before split 2 commences for more LCO Sliding doors action!

Andrew Wray
Andrew Wray
One of Snowball's founders, Andrew "Wray Z" Wray is a sports fanatic. Formerly of Riot Games, Andrew has extensive experience when it comes to the OPL, but you'll find him across most games in Oceanic esports.



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