Can Order prove red-hot start more than just luck? — LCO Split 2 Predictions: Week 3, Day 1

Harry Taylor runs the ruler over Order's chances in Split 2.

The LCO rolls on as we enter the third week of 2021’s second split, and the action is already heating up; Oceanic fans have been treated to a four-way tie atop the standings.

The Chiefs, Order, Peace and Pentanet find themselves tied (all 3-1) after two weeks. This closely contested pack cannot last, however, and it looks like this week could cut the true contenders from the early-breakers.

These teams will want to make sure they stay in the hunt with 2-0 rounds, so as not to fall behind. With a couple of matchups this week all bringing teams from the top 4 face to face, those games will be extra important.

Harry Taylor breaks down his feature match of Week 3, Day 1.

Taylor’s Pick of the Week: Pentanet vs Order

Pentanet.GG and Order will load onto the rift on Tuesday evening as two of the top teams trying to prove very different points.

The Perth team are trying to prove they are indeed still the top dog this split, especially after an early upset dragging them into the four-way title race, and the Melbourne team trying to prove their early success was more than just a light opening schedule.

Pentanet got themselves two wins last week, though it was against the lowly Mammoth and Legacy Esports duo. That didn’t mean they didn’t sweat for it, however; their second win saw them pushed early until a Mountain Soul into Baron Nashor into full team Ace turned the game in their favour.

Order, on the other hand, copped a 1-1 record in Week 2, with their undefeated start screeching to a sharp halt last week.

Tuesday saw them run amok against Gravitas, dominating from minute one, but it was a different story on Wednesday against the Chiefs. The army had control of the game deep into the contest, but a 3-0 team fight in the mid lane gave their opposition all the time they needed to clear out Baron Nashor, and that advantage gave the boys in blue & white the ascendancy to close out the game.

This feels like a ‘must-win’ for both teams.

It won’t doom either season — there’s loads of games to go — but to fall behind early adds a dampener to any title charge either team wants to mount.

This time around, Pentanet seems primed to knock off their fellow playoff contenders. They’ve been forced to work harder than ever for their Oceanic victories, and that will benefit them in what I expect to be a hard-hitting, gruelling content against the boys from Melbourne on Tuesday evening.

Order should be PGG’s toughest contest since Peace in Week 1, but if the defending champs give Order the respect they deserve, they’ll aim up this round.

Taylor’s Week 3, Day 1 Predictions

  • Peace def. Mammoth
  • Pentanet def. Order
  • Dire Wolves def. Legacy
  • Chiefs def. Gravitas

The LCO returns today: PGG vs Order will be played at 7pm (AEST) tonight, after Peace vs Mammoth. Catch up on all the LCO 2021 Split 2 details in our ultimate coverage hub.

Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor
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