Can Chiefs stars spoil Pentanet’s party? — LCO Split 2 Predictions: Week 3, Day 2

Mouthwatering games close out the LCO Week 3 action.

LCO Week 3 has reached its tipping point, with the final day of the week boasting a stacked lineup of games — including a Chiefs vs Pentanet barn-stormer.

With the way Peace have carried themselves in Split 2 so far, today’s slate of games are absolute bangers.

The would-be contenders look unsettled, and have coughed up two unconvincing performances against Mammoth and Gravitas in the past two weeks. As a result, Legacy Esports are every chance to pull off an upset. The 2020 and 2021 cellar dwellers clash in what should be a hotly contested game, and then we have a barn-burner: Dire Wolves and Order.

If that wasn’t enough, the day wraps up with a tantalising main event to close out proceedings — our feature match of the day, the Chiefs vs Pentanet.GG.

Wray’s Pick of the Week: CHF vs PGG

Chiefs Esports Club logo vs Pentanet.GG logo.

After an early blip in Week 1, the Pentanet boys look back to their dominant selves in LCO Split 2. This round, however, they face their greatest challenge yet; the Chiefs.

The Chiefs come into this one in scintillating form, with players like Tristan “Lived” Fulcher and Ronald “Kisee” Vo proving their worth and showing they can be leaned on as the team’s primary win conditions.

Both teams start the contest with a 4–1 record, which shows just how close this could be once the game spills out onto the Rift. It’s no surprise, however, that most punters would be backing the defending champs to come home favourites in the meeting.

The game is sure to be a cracker, at the very least.

That said, what should we be looking for? Well, for mine, it’s the top of the map. Brandon “BioPanther” Alexander is a world-class top laner (did someone say import ready?). Not only does he play his role in lane incredibly well, but if you give him half a chance to engage on champions like Gnar, he punishes you for it, hard.

His lane opponent Lived has been having a standout split too. Tanky picks like Dr Mundo and Sett have been his go-to selections, and they’ve looked the goods every time.

It’s worth noting mid lane could be very explosive too.

Jesse “Chazz” Mahoney is a stalwart in the mid lane, and this year has been his breakout year to show that he’s another Oceanic talent already knocking on the international door. With that said, as commentator Brandon “Juves” Defina mentioned on the broadcast last night, Kisee’s growth has been nothing short of integral for the Chiefs team, who lift to clear contenders for the split title with him leading the way.

However, while there are plenty of Chiefs that will turn this one into a close, must-watch battle — especially those in a purple patch — PGG are still that class above.

Wrays’s Week 3, Day 2 Predictions

  • Peace def. Legacy
  • Gravitas def. Mammoth
  • Order def. Dire Wolves
  • Pentanet def. The Chiefs

The LCO returns today. Order vs Chiefs will be played on Wednesday, June 30 at 6pm (AEST). Catch up on all the LCO 2021 Split 2 details in our ultimate coverage hub.

Andrew Wray
Andrew Wray
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