Happy horizons still a ways off for struggling Peace — LCO Split 2 Predictions: Week 7 Day 2

Peace's bounce back won't happen tonight.

The LCO’s Super Weeks may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean the fire matchups are in the rear view mirror just yet.

Yesterday proved that while it may not always be the most pleasant reason, but the LCO is always compelling viewing. So much so that it’s hard to pick a most exciting game today.

Despite being a no-contest on paper, it’ll still be exciting to watch #1 on the ladder PGG take on #1 in our hearts Mammoth.

I don’t think all the L’Oreal in the world could make the Chiefs look good after yesterday, so look out for Legacy to pick on a potentially distracted squad. There’s now some “Nobody Believes in Us” factor to the Chiefs though, so a spicy matchup will ensue.

Order should also comfortably account for Gravitas.

But this week I’ve got my eye on the end of the day, and not the least reason of which is I ought to actually be home from work in time to catch it.

Perry’s Pick of the week: PCE vs DW

After all the drama of Chiefs/Mammoth, does anyone even remember that Peace fielded a roster that didn’t include their best player yesterday?!

This could very well be another dud if Peace sends out James “Tally” Shute in the mid lane and the bot-side kiddies again. I didn’t think Tally had come all the way home just to pinch-hit in the mid lane again. The way I see it, Peace have no choice but to rise and/or fall with their A-squad. I know they didn’t look good, but surely there’s no room to say “ego is the enemy” anymore. There’s nobody left to ego over, everyone else looks better than you do.

So it behooves them to bring back Halo, Violet and Babip. Heck, even Aladoric. Maybe it’s time to rest Apii, god forbid, just to get a look at whether that lineup would show them something. Whatever the rest of the configuration, they need to return to their best bot laner. This team cannot win without Violet. Without Violet, they have no identity.

Their opponents will be licking their lips in anticipation of the debacle that Peace have become. As I’ve mentioned numerous times, DW have had their own struggles but backed their squad in and are seeing an uptick in form to show for it. It’s started to waver slightly, but it’s still a damn sight better than it started. And it’s leagues beyond what their opponents are showing.

I expect the Wolfpack to romp home, even if Peace fields their best five. I just think the split and the season is a write-off for nothing if they don’t.

Perry’s Week 7 Day 2 Predictions

  • Pentanet def. Mammoth
  • Chiefs def. Legacy
  • Order def. Gravitas
  • Dire Wolves def. Peace

Peace vs Dire Wolves will be the last game played today; their showdown starts 9pm (AEST). Catch up on all the LCO 2021 Split 2 details in our ultimate coverage hub.

Reece Perry
Reece Perry
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