All Clear For The Chiefs? – LCO Split 1 Predictions: Week 4 Day 3

LCO 2022 Super Week widens the gap between contenders and pretenders… or does it?

The final day of the first Super Week for LCO 2022 is upon us and every team has notes on each other, now that round two of the round-robin has begun.

So let’s take stock: PEACE and Chiefs Esports Club sit atop of the league with a 7-1 record. Pentanet.GG holds 3rd, now that the roster seems to have acclimatised to their sluggish start to the split — bolstered by a 2-0 Super Week before they face off against their ‘21 Grand Final rivals in tonight’s epic headlining matchup.

As fate would have it, ORDER lands in sole possession of 4th place with an even 4-4 record, coming just short against Chiefs in their slobber-knocker last night. On the outskirts, Dire Wolves and MAMMOTH are courting the remaining playoff slot, currently at 3-5 and hoping to retain their position as they gear up for their second take against LCO’s best.

Maybe the biggest upset of the LCO yet, Kanga Esports’ Jerome “Chungy” Chung nabbed a huge Ahri-assisted victory against PEACE giving the #KANGGANG some hope as they set their sights on Dire Wolves tonight. Rounding out the table is Gravitas who continues to fight an uphill battle searching for their second win.

Hoàng’s Pick of the Week: MAMMOTH (3-5) v Chiefs Esports Club (7-1)

It’s been a reality check for upstarts MAMMOTH in Week 4 so far, going 0-2 in appointments with ORDER on Monday and PEACE yesterday.

Their opponents breaking their Nexus in two sub-29 minute efforts (vs. ORD, 26:21 & vs. PCE, 28:51) was not what MAMMOTH had in mind entering the Super Week. Capping off their week is a match against Chiefs, another top-flight club perhaps overlooking Bryce “Meifan” Zou and MAMMOTH’s rookie cohort.

The young squad isn’t without its highlights even in their recent slump. Thomas “Tronthepom” Garnsworthy continues to impress as he seems to have a level-headedness that reminds me of Brandon “BioPanther” Alexander and other titans who have a knack for absorbing pressure and setting up plays.

Marksman, James “Voice” Craig seems like an excitable carry capable of taking over in moments of brilliance, but across from New Zealand’s finest in Quin “Raes” Korebrits, it’ll be a tall task for MEC to gain foothold via bottom lane, I suspect.

Chiefs have largely met expectations, with well experienced carries supported by two selfless playmakers in Park “Arthur” Mi-reu and Dragon “Dragku” Guo. To start Super Week they endured James “Frosts” Paterson’s best shots, piloting an incredibly fed Zeri (6/1/1 at 10 mins) and backed by Drekani “Bulldog” Akuhata’s Lulu & Cameron “Zorenous” Abbott’s smite/top Janna to begin their 2-0 week against Dire Wolves.

But I must say, Chiefs’ clash with ORDER made them look mortal. While Raes’ trusty Tristana came through in the end he was surprisingly off-kilter with a few assassination attempts this past week — a rare glitch in the Matrix perhaps?

Over in Chiefs’ top-side though, Kim “Topoon” Ji-hoon still seems like a demon on the Rift, especially after laning phase and when left to his own devices. His Tryndamere made Ronald “Kisee” Vo’s life in particular exceedingly difficult whenever they locked eyes.

Chiefs still look like a perfect money-ball team, especially when they have late-game threats drafted; like James “Tally” Shute’s now omnipresent Super Week pick, Vegiar (7/5/4 vs. DW & ORD).

But they raised a little bit of doubt in Tuesday evening’s outing against ORDER — probably just a blip on the radar but worth noting nonetheless. But it’s certain that they’ll be looking to tighten up their loose elements if they want to keep pace with league leaders Pentanet and PEACE.

MAMMOTH, coming into Super Week, had been a tale of impressive and cohesive underdogs. Alas, a few wins does not a contender make, especially if they’re now having trouble finding even footing during the onslaught of Super Week. But if they can somehow take out this star-studded Chiefs roster, it would rock the LCO.

Despite suspect moments, Chiefs have historically righted the ship as the season goes on. But it would definitely mark a dip in form if Chiefs falter in this matchup. They are certainly under much more scrutiny than the unburdened MAMMOTH seeking a Day 3 heist.

Hoàng’s Week 4 Day 3 Predictions

Chiefs def. MAMMOTH
ORDER def. Gravitas
Kanga def. Dire Wolves
PEACE def. Pentanet.GG

LCO 2022 Split 1’s Super Week continues tonight, with MAMMOTH and Chiefs Esports Club facing off from 6pm AEDT. Catch up on all the split details in our ultimate coverage hub.

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