High flying Dire Wolves take on championship-contending Pentanet — LCO Split 2 Predictions: Week 4 Day 1

One rotation down, two to go; everything still to play for in the LCO.

Today marks the start of the 4th week of this Split for the LCO, as well as the completion of the first round-robin of play. After tonight, every team will have played once, setting a baseline for each team, from which they will want to improve as the split progresses.

The week’s play begins with Mammoth looking to keep themselves close in the playoff chase as they take on Order.

Gravitas looks to avoid a winless round-robin as they take on Peace, who are looking to keep the momentum going after an enthralling base race victory against Pentanet last week.

On the flipside, The Chiefs look to make it the perfect round-robin as they take on Kanga, who are looking to keep themselves in the playoff picture — whilst also trying to find themselves some consistency.

Game of the day honours however belong to tonight’s second contest, as current top contenders Dire Wolves and Pentanet clash, as they look to break the tie for second place they currently find themselves in.

Taylor’s Game of the Week – The Dire Wolves (4-2) v Pentanet (4-2)

With The Chiefs heads and shoulders above the competition currently in the LCO, the focus moves onto who will become the team to attempt to topple their lofty throne.

The two teams most likely to find themselves in the position to succeed currently are Dire Wolves and Pentanet, who happen to also find themselves coming into today in joint second place.

Both of these teams are also looking to bounce back from losses from the second game day of last week. Dire Wolves had their 4 game winning streak snapped last Tuesday as they came up against the aforementioned titans in the Chiefs.

The Wolfpack were able to hold the line and make this the closest contest for the Chiefs this split, but a the 25th minute Cloud Soul, which parlayed into a Baron proved to be too much as the league’s undefeated juggernaut eventually able to take down all objectives, and champions, in front of them.

Pentanet ended Tuesday’s play as they took on an out-of-form Peace. The game was a close contest that saw the lead swing back and forth multiple times before being settled in a nailbiting base race.

A single hit of the nexus was all that separated the two times by the contest end, with Peace ultimately coming out the victors, and seeing Pentanet come out on the losing side of a base race for the second time this year, having also lost a close one against the Chiefs in the Split 1 playoffs.

Both teams will come into this game looking to get back into the winners circle after some close losses. I favour Pentanet to be the victor in what I expect to be a tight contest that could go either way.

Despite their loss in their second game last week, I thought the 2021 Split 1 champs were the better team in the contest and have overall been more dominant in their wins this split and this should give them the edge.

They will want to win quickly though, as the longer the contest gets dragged out, the more I think the Dire Wolves will deplete the edge Pentanet has, and eventually they will gain it.

Taylor’s Week 4 Day 1 Predictions

Order def. Mammoth
Pentanet def. Dire Wolves
Peace def. Gravitas
Chiefs def. Kanga

The LCO Split 2 resumes tonight at 6pm AEST, with game of the day Dire Wolves vs. Pentanet set to kick off at 7pm AEST. Catch up on all the split details in our ultimate coverage hub.

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