Table toppers Dire Wolves, Pentanet to decide top seed — LCO Split 1 Predictions: Week 3 Day 1

Top seed aside, will Peace finally hit the Rift this week?

The final week of LCO Split 1’s opening stage is here, and amongst the action today is sure to be an absolute banger of a matchup at the very top.

The LCO Super Week rounded out with the seedings for the elimination stage becoming more or less solidified bar an upset or two.

A slow start for The Chiefs as they play themselves into form, falling to the Dire Wolves who finished the Super Week flawlessly. It’s a disappointing start for the defending champions, but however, an excellent start for the Dire Wolves and the returning Chazz and Decoy to Oceanic shores.

Given the performances of the league and the formation of a clear top three, seeding becomes more important as the bottom four (and Peace?) should look to avoid the group with two of these three teams to push deep into the bracket.

The unknown quantity in Peace could prove a spoiler, as for another week in a row Peace were incapable of providing documentation, a disappointing feat, yet again reflecting poorly on the league and the Oceanic region. Two weeks of forfeits is unacceptable and a detriment to all.

Because of this, they sit in last place, and could very well go 0-7 if they finally grace the rift as they take on Dire Wolves and Chiefs. Regardless of result, the competitive integrity of the group stage is likely to be impacted, as Peace’s standing will likely not reflect their true standing.

Despite all the shenanigans played out by Peace, we do have a banger on our hands this week, as Dire Wolves and Pentanet fight it out with top seed on the line.

Matthews’ Pick of the Week — Dire Wolves vs Pentanet

Chazz and Decoy returning home to the LCO has been nothing but a delight, propping up the overall strength of the league bringing back quality talent that sought to move to greener pastures.

This evening they will, alongside Praedyth, be fighting it out against their former organisation in Pentanet where they at MSI 2021 put on the best performance from an Oceanic team at an international event — clearing groups for the first time regionally then upsetting Cloud 9.

They now return to attempt to do the same — under completely different circumstances — as the landscape has completely shifted in their absence.

The Dire Wolves have been clearly the best and most consistent team so far in the LCO, and deserving of the top seed. However, a loss this evening to Pentanet could prove crucial, as a potential three way tie break could be on the cards to quantify the top three seeds.

While the Dire Wolves have proven themselves to be consistent, Pentanet like to take it to the streets in skirmish oriented play that traditionally tends to inconsistency. However, at their peak, they very well can blow out the scoreboard in quick fashion to any opponent. Chippys’ fight has definitely not left him from his days on SIN.

I expect to see a much better performance this evening for Pentanet than in their showing against fellow potential top seed contender in the Chiefs. The complexities of piloting the Draven and Caitlyn duo in the bot lane proved to be critical in the downfall last week.

However, due to consistency, I have to take the side of Dire Wolves to come out victorious and solidify first seed.

Week 2 Day 2 Predictions

The LCO Split 1 resumes tonight at 6pm AEST, with game of the day Dire Wolves & Pentanet set to kick off at 7pm AEST. Catch up on all the split details in our ultimate coverage hub.

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Callum Matthews
Callum Matthews
Callum “CDM” Matthews has a history working inside of the Oceanic League of Legends community in coaching and analytical positions. He uses this prior experience to build informed opinions on all things League of Legends.



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