Mammoth face uphill task against a fiery Pentanet — LCO Split 1 Predictions: Week 4 Day 2

If there's ever a team that Mammoth can upset, it's an inconsistent PGG.

After over four and a half years away, top-flight Oceanic League of Legends has seen the return of the best-of-three series — and the LCO’s first foray into this format came out of the gates bolting.

Team Bliss showed why there were they are one of the top contenders in the LCO as they ran over Kanga in two quick dominant games, seeing the broadcast day wrap up before it had even struck 8PM AEDT.

Mid laner Yoo “Daystar” Ji-myeong and bot laner Samil “leemas” Kip had the standout performances in this series, but the entire team was critical in making sure these game went in their favour, and quickly.

Bliss will next play on Monday against the winner of today’s second series, Chiefs v Ground Zero, whilst Kanga will take on the defeated competitor on Wednesday in a win-or-go-home clash in the lower bracket.

Group A action will kick off with today’s first series. With the expulsion of Peace from the LCO, the Dire Wolves earned a bye into the second round of the Winners bracket for Group A.

This leaves only a single contest for Group A this week — PGG v MEC.

Taylor’s Pick of the Week — Pentanet v Mammoth

Pentanet has are already looking forward and have their eyes set on international play, and I don’t blame them for that.

They have crafted an ultra-talented roster that will thrive well in the style seen more around the world and crafted a playstyle to match that. 

However, before they can consider mixing it up with the best of the best in the PCS, the team needs to qualify out of the LCO first, which is far from guaranteed for the Perth-based squad.

Whilst they have had a number of dominant wins in stage one, including giving the Dire Wolves the single blemish on their record, they have had a pair of notable losses against Bliss and The Chiefs which saw their lack of domestic focus come back to bite them.

If this team isn’t careful, they could get tripped up and stuck here in Oceania.

Tonight, they face Mammoth. To be honest, Pentanet should take this series, likely in a sweep, but they shouldn’t take it as a guarantee.

This Mammoth team has a lot of potential and is no pushover. They have been in every match they have played so far this split and if they have spent the break well, should be a team that threatens to take games, if not the series.

Week 4 Day 2 Predictions

Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor
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