Top 5: OPL Split 1, Week 9

Featuring Euan “Eatos” Reid, here’s Snowball’s OPL Top 5 for Week 9.

The Plays

5. Gravitas turn around on Mammoth picking up an ace and an infernal drake
4. Gunkrab steals the drake and Spookz’ life for Avant
3. Chiefs pull off a great teamfight, coming out with 4 kills
2. Legacy lure Gravitas into a choke point, getting a 4 for 1 plus Baron
1. The Wolves attempt an early dive on the bot side and get severely punished by Ryoma and the Bombers

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Josh Swift
Josh Swift
Owner of Go Next Media, Josh "Swifty" Swift is Snowball's Director of Creative & Production. He looks to build up passionate creators to bring the best content to esports in Oceania.



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