Benefit Cosmetics enters gaming with a $5,000 Fortnite tournament

A new challenger approaches. Benefit Cosmetics enters the Australian esports & gaming scene with the Game Face campaign.

One of the world’s leading beauty brands, Benefit Cosmetics, is connecting the communities of beauty and gaming whilst encouraging female gamers to share their “Game Face.”

In a first for the beauty brand, Benefit Cosmetics is engaging with some of your favourite female content creators in the gaming industry like Bordie, Tannar, Play It Shady and Shezzza.

The campaign will kick off with a week-long campaign of ‘get-ready’ streams. A popular form of video content, where cosmetic lovers can speak candidly with their audience whilst putting on make-up. This will be followed by an all-female invitational Fortnite tournament, where contestants will battle it out for a $5,000 prize pool on Twitch.

The tournament’s focus is to put a spotlight on female gamers and to celebrate the talented women in the gaming community. Benefit Cosmetics aims to showcase their ‘Game Faces’ so that they can share and express what makes them feel empowered about their gameplay.

“We understand that makeup is a powerful way to reveal something about your inner self, a tool for self-love and a means of creative expression. Aussie girl gamers encapsulate these sentiments,” says Kelly Neve, Australian Benefit Marketing Director.

“We are so thrilled to be partnering with both some of the biggest names in Australian gaming, as well as rising stars. They will be putting on their ‘Game Face’ through a series of live streams and tournaments, both literally and metaphorically, encouraging their fans and peers to join them in getting ready to own the day.”

Benefit Cosmetics joins the growing list of cosmetic brands expanding into esports & gaming. A recent example being L’Oreal Paris Men Expert joining forces with the Chiefs earlier this year. 

Benefit Cosmetics has previously partnered with GamerGirl Festival Sydney and is currently also partnered with USA & Korea based esports organisation Gen.G for the ‘Game Face’ campaign.

Support the event and their partnered content creators and watch the action go down in the Fornite Tournament on Fri 25 Sept 6pm AEST on Twitch.

For more information, follow Benefit Cosmetics on Twitter or visit their website.

Chelsea Moss
Chelsea Moss
Chelsea "Hotto" Moss has been a content producer and contributor at Snowball Esports since the start of 2019. Looking to swap out her photoshop tools for pen and paper, she is looking to deliver her spin on the Oceanic esports scene.



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