LCO Split 1 2023: Bliss hang on with game three victory

LCO Split 1 2023 schedule, rosters, results & more.

DreamHack Melbourne is upon us, and while the CS:GO rages on throughout the weekend, the LCO will be out to steal the show on Saturday. Will it be Bliss or Chiefs who emerge from this weekend as Split 1 champions?

  • Bliss, Chiefs return all but winless from PCS playoffs
  • TSM Challengers to take on the LCO All-Stars first up
  • The action kicks off on Saturday, April 29

Finally, DreamHack is here–and the LCO wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Split 1 of the 2023 LCO year needs a champion, with Bliss and The Chiefs lining up to battle for the crown come Saturday’s end.

Both teams returned from their MSI qualification attempts without a series win, exiting in straight sets. Neither will want to officially end their splits without an LCO championship under their belt.

Before that: the fan-voted LCO All-Stars will take to the stage, playing NA LCS Challenger roster TSM Challengers, featuring Aussie Dragon “Dragku” Guo.

Tickets for the one-day LCO showcase at DreamHack Melbourne are still on sale here.

We’re covering everything LCO Split 1; streams, schedule, rosters, and more.

LCO Split 1 2023 Schedule & Results

Split 1 of LCO 2023 featured a brand new five-week format. Stage One saw each team play a best-of-three against one another via round-robin.

Based upon Stage One results, Stage Two saw each team seeded into two groups, playing out a best-of-three double-elimination bracket. For the two emerging squads in each group, they moved to Stage Three — the other two, eliminated.

Stage Three will see one final double-elimination bracket, with the top two booking their tickets to the PCS playoffs, and potentially beyond to London’s Mid-Season Invitational.

Both of our PCS representatives met one final time at DreamHack Melbourne for a best-of-five to determine who gets to call themselves LCO Split 1 champions.

LCO Split 1 2023 Standings, Schedule & Results

LCO Split 1 2023 Results — Playoffs Stage 3

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, Mar 13Playoffs Semi-Final 1Dire Wolves 0-2 Chiefs5pm
Playoffs Semi-Final 2Pentanet 0-2 Bliss8pm
Tuesday, Mar 14Lower Bracket Semi-FinalDire Wolves 2-0 Pentanet6pm
Wednesday, Mar 15Upper Bracket – PCS QualifierChiefs 2-3 Bliss6pm
Thursday, Mar 16Lower Bracket – PCS QualifierDire Wolves 0-3 Chiefs6pm
– – –
Saturday, April 29DreamHack ShowmatchTSM Challengers 2-0 LCO All-Stars12:50pm
LCO Grand FinalBliss 1-2 Chiefs5pm

LCO Split 1 2023 Results — Stage 2 Week 1

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, Feb 27Group A OpeningDire Wolves W-FF Peace5pm
Group B OpeningBliss 2-0 Kanga6pm
Tuesday, Feb 28Group A OpeningPentanet 2-0 Mammoth5pm
Group B OpeningChiefs 2-1 Ground Zero8pm
Wednesday, Mar 1Group A EliminationMammoth W-FF Peace5pm
Group B EliminationKanga 2-1 Ground Zero6pm

LCO Split 1 2023 Results — Stage 2 Week 2

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, Mar 6Group A Upper QualifierDire Wolves 0-2 Pentanet5pm
Group B Upper QualifierTeam Bliss 0-2 Chiefs8pm
Tuesday, Mar 7Group A Lower QualifierDire Wolves 2-0 Mammoth5pm
Group B Lower QualifierTeam Bliss 2-0 Kanga8pm
Wednesday, Mar 8Group A S3 SeedingPentanet 1-2 Dire Wolves5pm
Group B S3 SeedingChiefs 0-2 Team Bliss6pm

LCO Split 1 2023 — Stage 1 Ladder

1Dire Wolves6-1
4The Chiefs4-3
5Ground Zero Gaming3-4
7Kanga Esports2-5

LCO Split 1 2023 Results — Stage 1 Week 1

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, Jan 23Bliss 0-1 Chiefs6pm
Pentanet 1-0 Ground Zero7pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Mammoth8pm
Peace FF-W KangaN/A
Tuesday, Jan 24Pentanet 1-0 Kanga6pm
Ground Zero 0-1 Chiefs7pm
Bliss 0-1 Dire Wolves8pm
Peace FF-W MammothN/A

LCO Split 1 2023 Results — Stage 1 Week 2

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, Jan 30Chiefs 0-1 Dire Wolves6pm
Kanga 0-1 Bliss7pm
Mammoth 0-1 Pentanet8pm
Ground Zero W-FF PeaceN/A
Tuesday, Jan 31Ground Zero 0-1 Dire Wolves6pm
Kanga 0-1 Mammoth7pm
Chiefs 1-0 Pentanet8pm
Peace FF-W BlissN/A
Wednesday, Feb 1Mammoth 0-1 Chiefs6pm
Bliss 1-0 Ground Zero7pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Kanga8pm
Pentanet W-FF PeaceN/A

LCO Split 1 2023 Results — Stage 1 Week 3

DateMatchTime (AEDT)
Monday, Feb 6Mammoth 0-1 Bliss6pm
Dire Wolves 0-1 Pentanet7pm
Chiefs 0-1 Peace8pm
Kanga 0-1 Ground Zero9pm
Tuesday, Feb 7Dire Wolves 1-0 Peace6pm
Pentanet 0-1 Bliss7pm
Mammoth 0-1 Ground Zero8pm
Chiefs 0-1 Kanga9pm

LCO Split 1 2023 Rosters

Reigning LCO champions Chiefs will be out to defend their crown, but have undergone significant changes since their Mexico outing late last year.

Both Raes & Aladoric return as the team’s bot lane duo, with coach Babip steps back into the starting line-up as the team’s jungler. Former Order frontman BioPanther makes a return to the LCO with Chiefs after Order’s dissolution in 2022.

It’s a new Chiefs squad for ’23, but the league champs retain their favourites tag heading into Split 1.

Bliss and Ground Zero make their grand entrance to the LCO with a combination of youth and experience. Meanwhile, Mammoth have built around the 2022 Gravitas core, with Ch1Chi debuting in the LCO as the team’s top laner.

The ChiefsBioPantherBabipKiseeRaesAladoric
Dire WolvesZorenousPoltronChazzPraedythDecoy
Kanga EsportsBlueFightoHoopaShinkiPapryze
Team BlissLivedWhynotDaystarLeemasBenvi
Ground Zero GamingTronGoobymfisDantehBulldawg
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Nicholas Taifalos
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