The Chiefs win back-to-back LCO titles at DreamHack Melbourne

The Brisbane Brawl finally has a winner for Split 1.

History repeated itself in the Split 1 2023 LCO Finals on Saturday night as The Chiefs became the first team to be crowned back-to-back champions since the league’s inauguration. 

The fourth and final game of the series saw the opposing Team Bliss knocking on the door of The Chiefs’ base. 

With a threatened Nexus it was series MVP Brandon “BioPanther” Alexander against the world. One clutch knock-up from his Ornn bought enough time for the remainder of his team to respawn; rallying around their top laner, they were able to shut down the attempt, march to the other side of the Rift, and claim victory over Bliss.

The Chiefs finished the series 3-1.

“I think if we lost game four like that, we probably would’ve lost game five because all of us would’ve gotten really tilted,” Ronald “Kisee” Vo admitted to Snowball Esports immediately following the final and regarding the close call. “As soon as we killed them in our base, we knew we won the game.”

“Losing a game with a 2-0, you feel like you’re going to get reverse swept so it [felt] really nice to come back on the fourth game.”

BioPanther stepped towards his team’s prize, but looked towards his mid-laner, offering him the opportunity to lift his very first trophy on stage. The two players were part of ORDER’s last stand on stage in 2022 and now find redemption. 

“It feels pretty amazing to win,” Kisee remarked about the experience. “It’s my first win on stage. All of my teammates have experienced it except me.”

When asked about how he felt towards the victory, BioPanther only had one word: “Ecstatic.”

“I feel like I’m about to cry,” he admitted. 

“For me, I did this for [Kisee] more than anything else. Seeing him win on stage actually means so much to me since I’ve been playing with him for so long. For me, it’s all for him.”

“Bio, you can’t make me cry,” Kisee responded, laughing. Mostly. 

Fresh out of retirement Aladoric felt “pretty good” about the result, remarking, “A lot of people doubted us as the best team because we lost to [Bliss] before but I don’t think that was our true skill level.”

The league’s “Pentakill curse” was finally broken by AD Carry Quin “Raes” Korebrits after multiple splits without a single one. 

“Getting [a Pentakill] in the finals in front of a crowd…” Raes paused for a moment, reliving the moment in his head. “It’s probably the loudest I’ve ever heard cheers despite playing on so many live stages.

“That was amazing.”

Even though there’s an air of uncertainty about what lies next for the team, they’re hopeful for the journey ahead.

When questioned specifically about the League roster’s future plans, Raes went on to explain: “The next step is just doing well, trying to improve next split and actually have a good showing at PCS for [a chance to compete at] Worlds.”

“[The] PCS are pretty strong,” Chiefs’ jungler Leo “Babip” Romer added. “If we could just improve out-of-game in every aspect–like reviewing and actually like the willingness to improve–we could probably have a better showing.

“That’s the goal. To have a good showing at PCS and take the series from a stronger PCS team.”

Nick “Sav” Bobir, Managing Director of The Chiefs, has high hopes for the team: “I truly believe this team can do damage on the international stage so we will be looking closely at how we can help make that happen for OCE.”

“It is a big task now to get back to Worlds, but myself and The Chiefs remain committed to leading this region back to the international stage.”

“For now I want to give full credit to the boys for bringing it together on stage where it mattered.”

He went on to acknowledge Team Bliss who, “came into the LCO committed to results and it really showed. To make the Grand Finals in their first split with no previous experience in League of Legends is an incredible achievement.”

“As for me, nothing is set in stone yet,” Sav continued, “but when it is, I will be sure I’m going out on a win.”

The Chiefs look happily towards Split 2, grateful for the family, friends, and fans cheering them on.

“I appreciate everyone for coming out and supporting the guys,” BioPanther said. “Whether it’s me or all my team, we try hard for [the fans].”

With the score settled on the stage of Margaret Court Arena, the first LCO split of 2023 has now come to an end.

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Bernadette Wong

One of the youngest contributors of the Snowball team, Bernadette "Nadette" Wong is a resident Lux ‘Support’ main with a recently ignited passion for esports, specifically in League of Legends.

Bernadette Wong
Bernadette Wong
One of the youngest contributors of the Snowball team, Bernadette "Nadette" Wong is a resident Lux ‘Support’ main with a recently ignited passion for esports, specifically in League of Legends.



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