PGG claim LCO 2021 Split 2 top spot after winning three-way OCE title race: final standings & results

Circuit Oceania results, schedule, streams & more.

Reigning Oceanic champions Pentanet.GG have taken one step closer to defending their crown, climbing out of Split 2’s mid-table scrap to finish first ahead of playoffs.

  • Pentanet claim second consecutive top-spot LCO finish
  • Surprise package Order lock Top 2 in final matchday reshuffle
  • Star-studded Peace roster barely scrapes fifth place

PGG have finished first after eight weeks of play.

The defending LCO champs struggled to find their feet post-Iceland, but the tail end of their Split 2 campaign saw them leapfrog Order, Dire Wolves, and the Chiefs to claim that all-important playoffs bye for the postseason.

Behind them sit the LCO’s surprise package in Split 2: Order. The Melbourne squad charged through 2021’s second season to a top-two finish, edging out more veteran lineups in the closing matchdays to nab the strong seeding. Behind them sit Dire Wolves (3rd) and the Chiefs (4th).

While Order’s finish may be a positive surprise, the same cannot be said of Peace’s Split 2 struggles. Armed with Worlds reps like Babip and Tally, many expected the newcomer team to barrel to the title post-MSI. Instead, they barely scraped into the postseason at all, damning Gravitas to a long offseason in a last-gasp qualification in Week 8.

The Chiefs, Dire Wolves, Order, and Peace start playoffs in week one, while PGG lie in wait in Round 2. Gravitas, Legacy, and Mammoth have been eliminated.

We’ve wrapped up everything DoorDash LCO 2021 Split 2: results, standings & more.

Pentanet.GG are bringing their MSI lessons back to Oceania in LCO 2021 Split 2.

LCO 2021 Split 2: Stream

The LCO streams live on Twitch, the league’s dedicated Youtube channel, and Miss the action? Catch-up on all three platforms within 24 hours.

Current LCO Standings

3Dire Wolves14-7
4Chiefs Esports Club14-7
7Legacy Esports7-14

LCO 2021 Split 2 results

LCO Split 2 preview, June 14

There’s one question on everybody’s lips coming into Split 2: how much has Pentanet.GG’s trip to Reykjavík levelled up their already championship-grade roster? The PGG boys were one Gravitas game away from a perfect 14-0 run in the first split, and have since honed their play against Damwon Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, MAD Lions, and more.

Peace shapes as their biggest challengers. The runners-up added three-time OPL champion Leo “Babip” Romer to their already star-studded roster after his stint with Team SoloMid in North America, in what can only be described as an upgrade.

Behind PGG and PCE lurk two more contenders too.

Dire Wolves finished second in the regular season, before a red-hot Chiefs — the other major contenders early on in Split 2 — surged through the lower LCO playoffs bracket to run third. Can they find their feet the second time of asking?

PGG are the LCO’s defending champions coming into Split 2.

Week 1 results (June 15 – June 16)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Tuesday, June 15Gravitas 1-0 Legacy6pm
Chiefs 0-1 Peace7pm
Pentanet 1-0 Dire Wolves8pm
Order 1-0 Mammoth9pm
Wednesday, June 16Peace 1-0 Pentanet6pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Gravitas7pm
Mammoth 0-1 Chiefs8pm
Legacy 0-1 Order9pm

Week 2 results (June 22 – June 23)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Tuesday, June 22Pentanet 1-0 Mammoth6pm
Chiefs 1-0 Legacy7pm
Dire Wolves 0-1 Peace8pm
Gravitas 0-1 Order9pm
Wednesday, June 23Order 0-1 Chiefs6pm
Mammoth 0-1 Dire Wolves7pm
Legacy 0-1 Pentanet8pm
Peace 0-1 Gravitas9pm

Week 3 results (June 29 – June 30)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Tuesday, June 29Peace 1-0 Mammoth6pm
Pentanet 1-0 Order7pm
Dire Wolves 0-1 Legacy8pm
Gravitas 0-1 Chiefs9pm
Wednesday, June 30Legacy 1-0 Peace6pm
Mammoth 0-1 Gravitas7pm
Order 1-0 Dire Wolves8pm
Chiefs 1-0 Pentanet9pm

Week 4 results (July 6 – July 8)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Tuesday, July 6Mammoth 0-1 Legacy6pm
Dire Wolves 0-1 Chiefs7pm
Gravitas 1-0 Pentanet8pm
Peace 1-0 Order9pm
Wednesday, July 7Legacy 0-1 Gravitas6pm
Mammoth 0-1 Order7pm
Peace 1-0 Chiefs8pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Pentanet9pm
Friday, July 9Gravitas 0-1 Dire Wolves6pm
Pentanet 1-0 Peace7pm
Chiefs 1-0 Mammoth8pm
Order 0-1 Legacy9pm

Week 5 results (July 13 – July 15)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Tuesday, July 13Mammoth 0-1 Pentanet6pm
Legacy 0-1 Chiefs7pm
Order 1-0 Gravitas8pm
Peace 0-1 Dire Wolves9pm
Wednesday, July 14Chiefs 0-1 Order6pm
Gravitas 1-0 Peace7pm
Pentanet 1-0 Legacy8pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Mammoth9pm
Friday, July 15Chiefs 1-0 Gravitas6pm
Order 0-1 vs Pentanet7pm
Legacy 0-1 Dire Wolves8pm
Mammoth 0-1 Peace9pm

Week 8 schedule (August 3 – August 4)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Tuesday, August 3Chiefs 0-1 Order6pm
Mammoth 0-1 Dire Wolves7pm
Pentanet 1-0 Legacy8pm
Peace 0-1 Gravitas9pm
Wednesday, August 4Peace 1-0 Mammoth6pm
Pentanet 0-1 Order7pm
Legacy 0-1 Dire Wolves8pm
Chiefs 1-0 Gravitas9pm
There were relatively few LCO roster changes heading into Split 2.

LCO 2021 team rosters

Heading into Split 2, the biggest changes have come in the jungle. As mentioned earlier, Babip has returned to Oceania to link up with LCO heavyweights Peace. His return left Shane “Kevy” Allen as a free agent; Order quickly snapped up the young jungler.

TeamTopJungleMidAD CarrySupport
Dire WolvesClaireOnlyShokKalroc / gunkrabCupcake
GravitasSafaAkanoKyoseThomas Shenfloppy

Isaac McIntyre

Isaac McIntyre is Snowball Esports' editor in chief and head of editorial, leading coverage on Oceanic & Asia-Pacific gaming talent at home and abroad.

Isaac McIntyre
Isaac McIntyre
Isaac McIntyre is Snowball Esports' editor in chief and head of editorial, leading coverage on Oceanic & Asia-Pacific gaming talent at home and abroad.



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